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My news feeds lit up today with the most intriguing of headlines: Hikers capture ‘Bigfoot’ in Canada. Really? The Sun chimes in: Is this mystery figure Bigfoot?. Fascinating. The footage is available on YouTube. Let’s take a look and see if the elusive bigfoot has been found.

bigfoot ?

The video, here, is a 27 second long segment with no sound. The video shows a distant, zoomed, shot of a dark bipedal figure on a lightly wooded hilltop. The figure mills around , looking at the ground, stepping out of sight before long.

On the plus side, the video is fairly clear, much more clear than many of this type. Alas, the video I found was not full HD resolution, topping out at 360p, but was fairly sharp and well lit. Regrettably, the figure was too distant to make out any details.

Is this a video of bigfoot? I don’t know. I can’t identify the figure in the video. Maybe you can? It is dark, human-sized (as best I can tell, there are no good scale items nearby) and clearly moving like a bipedal figure. It could just be a back-lit person, honestly, with no other need for explanation. It could be someone in a bigfoot costume as well. It could, of course, be bigfoot, but I’m thinking that it is unlikely.

The film does harken back to the Patterson-Gimlin film, in the setting and tone, but it differs quite a bit in the distance and clarity of the details of the figure. The camera was simply too far away to capture any good detail which would help us determine what is in the video.

Alas, friends, I can’t say that we’ve found bigfoot, not yet anyway. It is an interesting video, but simply lacks enough detail for any good analysis. While I’d get a real kick out of bigfoot being real and found, I really don’t expect it. It would be terribly difficult for a large enough population to sustain itself to elude discovery this long. If not living samples, then corpses, bones, scat, habitat, or other sign would eventually be found. Maybe they are still out there and are simply quite good at hiding and eliminating signs of their presence. Probably not.

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10 Responses to New “Bigfoot” video

  1. Dave Davis says:

    At such a distance it could be me and I wouldn’t know it. I can’t remember if it was on Skeptoid or SGU but sometimes people talk about the “magic distance.” I guess as cameras have improved hoaxers have had to tell the guy in the suit to walk father away.

  2. Dave Davis says:

    Sorry, farther.

  3. Vere Nekoninda says:

    What camera shoots at 360p? Almost all cameras made within the last ten years, even those in cell phones and pocket still cameras, shoot at a higher resolution. My guess is that the video was converted to a lower resolution before posting on YouTube. Perhaps there is an innocent explanation, but it might have been done to prevent more careful analysis of the video and the “bigfoot” figure.

  4. Of course it is Bigfoot! My horoscope said that today I would experience an unusual news story that many people would be skeptical of, but it is true! Then my palm reader confirmed that I would hear of a remarkable discovery today! Most of all I have been praying for proof of Bigfoot, and now my prayers have been answered! ……..any questions?

    • Mike Weaver says:

      Nope, that settles it!

      • innominata says:

        Latest news : Skeptics admit they were wrong about bigfoot. This is irrefutable proof that skeptics were wrong about everything! To the chiropractors to get huge vitamin injections for out vaccine induced autism!

  5. Freke1 says:

    my phone shoots even worse quality and it’s 5 years old.
    the original 480p video is from LegendTracker on Youtube:
    he has 5 other videos including one with a costume gorilla suit, I think this is some kind of promotion for a program called LegendTracker (for smartphones) using a man in a gorilla suit.
    So fake sadly. Lots of those on Youtube.
    This one is more real: (When Police experience a Bigfoot)

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. John Bigfoot says:

    I think this is not a real footage of Bigfoot.

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