Will Brewer’s Yeast Repel Fleas And Keep My Dog’s Fur Healthy?

Above Image: My dogs, Bruiser and Maggie.
I have two dogs named Bruiser and Maggie. Bruiser is my eight year old Rat Terrier and Maggie is my boyfriend’s three year old Jack Russel. These two adorable dogs are the focus of our lives while we’re at home, and we do everything in our power to keep them happy, stimulated, and healthy. During the summer in the Southeastern United States, fleas are such a problem that they are abundant even though our dogs are on an oral flea medication. Spot-treatments are effective, but there are reasons why we don’t want to use them. Our dogs do this thing we call “surfing” where they lie down on a soft surface, like the couch, and they roll onto their back and wiggle around, scratching their bodies all over. It’s really cute, and they enjoy themselves so much. It’s hard to get them to stop, too, until they’re finished on their own terms. They also both lick and groom themselves quite often, and my dog is the type that will find a spot on his body and lick it until it’s raw. I can keep his licking under control when I’m around, but it is out of my control when I am not. They also sleep in the bed with us, which isn’t up for negotiation, and I surely don’t want flea poison all over where we sleep. There are other reasons, too, but since spot-treatments work by staying on the fur and poisoning the fleas I think that’s the biggest reason I stay away from them.
Above Image: Brewer’s Yeast Tablets as a Dietary Supplement
Image Credit: LordToran
The most recent thing I’ve researched that is supposed to help control fleas in dogs is called Brewer’s Yeast, and some of it is even infused with Garlic, which is thought to be bad for dogs bad for dogs. Brewer’s Yeast is primarily used in making beer and certain breads, but it also contains lots of vitamins. Because of this, it has been a popular vitamin supplement for humans for a very long time. Check out Skeptoid Episode # 103 to find out why vitamin supplements don’t really do what is believed and how they have the potential to be harmful. People also give Brewer’s Yeast to dogs, as a vitamin supplement, to maintain a healthy coat and even to repel fleas. Well, that’s what they say it does, anyway. From what I’ve read, fleas are supposed to loath vitamin B1 (Thiamine). Those pesky insects are also supposed to just hate the way yeast tastes, too. Apparently, if the dog ingests Brewer’s Yeast regularly it will excrete B1 (Thiamine) laced with a yeasty odor that repels fleas. You can also sprinkle the Brewer’s Yeast powder all over your dog’s coat and it is supposed to have the same effect. This all sounds pretty convenient to me, by the way, I could not find any satisfactory evidence toward fleas hating anything in Brewer’s Yeast.
It is worth mentioning that there is a study by the Journal of Veterinary Medical Association that shows no difference between dogs who have taken Brewer’s Yeast, as directed, and those who have not.  But, what if you’ve given your dog Brewer’s Yeast and it seems to work? It might seem like the Brewer’s Yeast is working, but it’s still worth considering that maybe your dog doesn’t have fleas for some other reason. Try to find any reason at all that might explain the absence of fleas. Maybe there just aren’t many fleas in your area. Then, try experimenting with taking the dog off of the supplement and monitoring the fleas.
File:Harvey LA back yard 2.jpg
Above Image: This is just a picture of a random house that I found on Wikimedia. The point is that their yard is neat and there aren’t any overgrown shrubs or other plans resting against the house.
Image Credit:Lisa Heindel
Based on my research and personal experience, I have found that the best chemical-free way to reduce the population of fleas is to maintain a clean house and trimmed yard. Vacuum couches, beds, carpets and curtains often. Keep any plants or shrubs that are growing close to the house as neat as possible; fleas will be more likely to get into your house if their home is laying against it. Brush your dogs every single night, even if they are short haired, to get off any fleas that may have accumulated during the day. It might also benefit to brush the fleas off of your dogs anytime they go outside, but I know that may not be practical in some homes. Sometimes, even with flea medication, you just have to bear it through the worst part of the season. Once the fleas go dormant for the winter it’s time to get busy sucking up all of the dormant flea eggs hidden in the soft spots of your home. Vacuum everything and be sure to throw the vacuum bags in the garbage outside of your house. Pay special attention to the dog’s bedding or anywhere he/she spends a lot of time lying around on. If the dog sleeps with you in the bed, it is crucial that you wash the bed sheets very often. Not just because of fleas; dirt and dog hair accumulate rapidly in any soft bedding that dogs rest on. The best way to avoid the “residue” is to clean it off regularly.
Either way you go, what really matters is the health of your dog. It is definitely worth researching every single thing you put in your best friend’s body, just like it’s worth researching everything you put in yours.

About Dani Johnson

I am 26 years old and I live in a college town with my boyfriend, our 2 dogs and chinchilla, 4 additional room mates and the house cat. Since I share financial responsibilities with my boyfriend I am waiting on him to finish college before I go back (he's almost done!). I will then focus my studies on Science Writing. I want to write particularly about Astrophysics, Cosmology and Planetary Science. Until then, I spend my free time listening to various podcasts about science and skepticism to inspire deeper research on potential writing topics. I also enjoy sewing, drawing, writing fiction, spending time with the boyfriend and pets, amateur astronomy and some girly things like nails, hair and makeup.
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115 Responses to Will Brewer’s Yeast Repel Fleas And Keep My Dog’s Fur Healthy?

  1. wordwizardw says:

    ” Vacuum everything and be sure to throw the vacuum bags in the garbage outside of your house.”

    In NYC apartment building housing that would be illegal for me to do. The garbage is in the cellar, and putting household garbage in outdoor trashcans carries a $200 fine if one is caught. Next suggestion?

    • Chey-Anne says:

      Seal your vacuum bags inside a Ziploc and then trash. That way the fleas can’t get out if they do hatch.

    • jay says:

      If there in the cellar and you can’t through any garabage from your house into it what are they there for if your in an apartment you don’t produce any other kind of trash it’s all household duh.

      • Theresa says:

        “If they’re in the cellar, and you can’t throw any garbage from your house into it? What are they there for? If you’re in an apartment, you don’t produce any other kind of trash-it’s all household. Duh.”

        First of all, she is saying that she can’t do as the author suggests because her trash is in the basement and she cannot put any trash in the outside cans. I understood what she is starting to be a problem with the suggestion.

        I’m calling you out because you use the expression “Duh” while at the same time:
        1) missing her point
        2) writing a complete opinion while not using one bit of punctuation.
        3)grossly misspelling nearly every word you used to do so.

        If you’re going to “slam” people for being “stupid” try not to make it obvious that you’re not quite the best judge of the facts.

        For all the grammar star performers who will judge my reply? I know I likely have a mistake or two. However, please take my point for what it’s worth. I, at least, attempted.

        I would not normally go ahead and reply to this post. However, this disease of calling out someone else’s lack of insight and intelligence, while making your own obvious​, is running like a disease across the internet. We should point it out everytime we see it. Hopefully, it proves fatal to the disease.

        PS:. The Ziploc bag suggestion seems like a very helpful idea. Kudos to the poster.

        • Theresa says:

          Found my own mistake: stating, not starting. Autocorrect is not always a friend……..

        • Bernadette McGinnis says:

          I’m very glad you put that remarker in it’s place as I was very annoyed at the Duhh part too! Especially considering that the poster sounded like an idiot and misspelled just about every word.
          Thanks for saving me the aggravation in doing that!

    • Jolenne says:

      When you vacuum put a flea collar in your vacuum bags…that way whatever you suck up fleas eggs whatever will be killed as soon as it enters the bag.

    • Carol says:

      Put moth balls in your vacuum cleaner container or bag. That will kill the fleas – and those that hatch in there.

    • D. M. Stapp says:

      Let’s see if an Ol’ Kentucky Lady can help in this matter. Put spent vacuum bag, in a plastic bag -like those you get when you purchase groceries and such. Then confer with the supervisor of the apartment bldg, on how to dispose of the contents, because the contents may have pests eggs, as in fleas plus. Emphasize that you use non-chemical pet aides, and you don’t think it’d be healthy to use chemical pest control agents in a home, whether the home is a house or an apartment. And you want to safely prevent any pest that may saunter in on other peoples pets or even brought in by packages. Also, my mom, use to spray “Pine-Sol” around the baseboards of apartment when we live in one, and in our house after we purchased one. Also, I understand Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) can be use inside and outside to keep fleas, mite and other pest of that ilk. Don’t need much, research how much on the internet. Amazon, and other providers (Chewy’s) have it as well. You don’t need much a one pound bag should last awhile, and you can sprinkle it, like A&H Carpet cleaner, on your carpeted or bare floors. My vac., has a setting for both. Oh, I almost forgot, when I was given a cat, 8 months old, it’s former family- Dad – said to bathe him in Dawn dish liquid, and suds it up around the neck of the cat to prevent the varmints from heading to the emergency shelter of ears and mouth and eh, be delicate with pet’s hind parts. Be sure to rinse all of the suds off of and out of the pets coat. I usually take Innka, (cat) and Gypsi (dog) out on the patio and give them the works twice a week during warm weather and then in cold weather, we go to the nearest Feeder’s Supply to use their Pet Bath facilities. Hope this works, and keep that brewers yeast on hand, then the apartment won’t get on your pets, and if they’re not carried in by visitor pet, or drop in from an adjoining apartment, then you will be okay.

      Forgot to say this: Don’t forget Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) a couple friends said that product can be used in many situations of health and pest control, like Brewers Yeast the pest don’t like the stuff, Just Remember Do Not Feed Diatomaceous Earth to you pet, use it to rid of the fleas/ticks etc. Yep, it kills them. go to Diatomaceous Earth.com and follow the 4 steps listed on pest control in your home and on your pet – not in the house or on the property, not on your pets, or you and yours.

      • Jo says:

        Where did you hear it kills them, not if it’s 100% food grade. And you should never use the pool grade anywhere near your pet. I have been drinking juice with diatomaceous earth for many years and put it in my dogs food… again it’s 100% food grade only and nothing else added.

  2. Karolyn says:

    I had a horrendous flea infestation 3 years ago. Fleas were jumping on my feet, and both my two dogs and I suffered terribly. I had no money for any kind of chemical treatment. What finally ridded me of these devil-insects was, as suggested vacuuming and also combing my dog with a flea comb every day and drowning the fleas. What I found helpful was sprinkling the rug with Borax, which dries out the fleas and flea eggs, and vacuuming it up. Borax is a natural mineral that can be found in the laundry detergent aisle.

    • wordwizardw says:

      Borax is poisonous. When my cats had a flea infestation years ago, I used Cloud Nine essential oils, which are diluted with water or cat/baby shampoo. You shampoo the poor beasties once a week, +/ spray them daily with a perfume mister (does not freak the cats out, doesn’t feel like being squirted) while covering their eyes, and of course using a flea comb on every scrap of fur daily as well. Worked like a charm, and the scent was delightful—I’m allergic to perfumes.

      • Magnanamous Dinoflagellate says:

        and cloud nine essential oils arent poisonous? Then you carried out an exercise that would illicit a developing allergic response? Seafood, milk and peanut butter to you on this one wordwizardw.

        As to brewers yeast and B-group vitamins, maybe one should inspect any friend who brews and makes cheese.

        I dont have fleas.

        By the way, borax is a chemical so obviously the claim that funds were scarce is baseless.

        Finally, what are you guys doing to get flea ridden pets?

        • wordwizardw says:

          The Cloud Nine essential oils are NOT poisonous, not even to fleas—they merely repel them. How the cats GOT the fleas is a mystery.

          • Ellie says:

            more than one vet. told me fleas will jump from a dog to get on a cat:-)

          • Wordwizard says:

            My cats had zero contact with dogs.

          • Jesus says:

            Your cats can pick them up if they go outside; same with dogs. It doesn’t matter how long they were outside. A dog could pick them up and bring them in. They might jump from one animal to another if they are in close proximity. However, it’s more likely that they were on the floor. Another animal can very easily bring in one or two then they are in your house and reproducing. Also, believe it or not, people can bring them inside the house. They jump on you and take a little trip.

            Yes fleas can and do bite humans. I’m not sure why people say they don’t, but they will. The main reason why people are not generally infested with fleas is because most people bathe often. On top of that, there are fewer hiding places and nowhere to lay eggs.

            So, mystery solved, you probably unintentionally introduced fleas into your home.

          • Wordwizard says:

            The cats don’t go outside. They don’t associate with dogs. Almost no one comes in. This kind of flea (dog fleas—which also infest cats) only bites humans (once) if the human is the warm-blooded creature that happens to stimulate the flea to hatch, since this kind of flea can’t obtain nutrition from humans. So, they don’t infest humans—it has nothing to do with bathing. Mystery not solved. The vet couldn’t, so why could you?

          • Jo says:

            Just because it says they are safe oils for pets doesn’t mean every scent is… please do research on what ones are safe for pets and dogs and cats are different.

        • Christa says:

          Just so you know… people don’t have to “do” anything to get fleas or not. Borax is a very inexpensive and better form (when used properly) of flea control then the crap you put on your pets skin, which is highly toxic… you should probably research before you type

        • Violet says:

          Everything physical is a chemical – air, water, salt. Borax is less expensive than commercial anti-flea preparations.

        • Dee says:

          letting them outside to go potty… this year has been terrible for fleas. I put the ‘top-spot’ fles & tick repellent on my dog and she still had them. And whats worse is that she got tapeworms from the fleas (when biting at them) and not all tapeworms are the same so you have to make sure you get the right medication for FLEA tapeworms.

          • Dee says:

            OH, and you can use ‘”Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth” on carpets, it cuts through the flea exoskeleton and they die… look it up on Google. Can also be mixed with pets food Make sure it is mixed with wet food so that pet does not inhale it), ask Vet about this, and can be put on pet…

      • Grace says:

        Borax is not particularly poisonous. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borax#Toxicity; its’ lethal dose is comparable to that of table salt
        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Median_lethal_dose, though inhaling a lot of it can make you nauseous.
        Essential oils are also toxic in high doses, and are a fair bit more expensive than borax.

        I can’t say anything about the effectiveness o either for flea control though.

    • Chey-Anne says:

      Diatemecious earth is a great substitution for borax. It’s made if fossilized crustaceans that dry out the pesky buggers.

      • Mudguts says:

        diatoms are fossilised crustaceans? There goes a paper I never must have proof read..

      • Rachel says:

        I have used DE and it seems to help the fleas not spread through the house… And when i put it on my dogs, it works for a few days. I wash my dogs as often as possible using lemon Joy dishsoap or a plant based dish soap, which kills the fleas.. Then brushing them. Vacuuming often is a must. And i just accept fleas as a seasonal evil.

    • Anita Bird says:

      But not good for babies and young children that play and walk bare footed on the carpets and floors

  3. Erin says:

    Why not use an oral flea medicine like Trifexis?

    • Carl says:

      Erin, see response below.

      • Betty says:

        Hi my name is Betty
        I have a poodle mixed we have tried a very thing that I can think of . The veteran cast to much . So I have him on brew yeast. But I don’t know if it well work for him. Could you me out? Bye Betty

    • Dani Johnson says:

      That is exactly what I use. It is worth mentioning that Trifexis and Comfortis are two completely separate medicines but they do share a common active ingredient. Comfortis is the brand name for Spinosad, which is basically just an insecticide (it is also the active ingredient in some head-lice treatments). Interceptor is another brand name for milbemycin oxime, which kills heart worms. They are mixed together because it’s easier that way, and us humans are all about wanting things to be easy. The mixed brand is called Trifexis. I use it because it is almost literally half as expensive as purchasing both medicines separately. The way that spinosad works is by killing the fleas before they are able to reproduce. Typical female fleas will start to reproduce 24 to 48 hours after their first blood meal. For the medication to actually keep fleas from reproducing in your house you have to make sure that every animal that lives with you is treated year-round.

      That said, I think the reason I still have flea problems is because my room mates also have pets that aren’t always on medications. They generally are on flea meds, but I live with a lot of people and it’s easy to forget the meds for a month.

      • Ammie From Alabama says:

        Ive used comfortis for my 6# Yorkie for 6 years. Last week I purchased one of her pups back from the buyers. Oh MY! She is LOADED WITH FLEAS! I could NOT believe that someone I TRUSTED with one of MY pups would take such POOR CARE of her! ANYWAY…I’ve NEVER had this problem before, & really didn’t know how to deal with it. While searching, I came across the Brewers Yeast y’all (sorry, I’m from Alabama!) are talking about, of course, I don’t have any in my cabinet. BUT…what I DO HAVE… (& I thought I’d share what I’m about to do) is a bottle of BLUE Dawn Dish Detergent, Apple Cider Vinegar, & some SALT!
        1.) I’m gonna run her bath water (not TOO warm), & I’m gonna add some vinegar to the water.

        2.) I’m gonna use the Dawn Dish Detergent to bathe her with. BEFORE getting water on her, I’m gonna make sure & CAREFULLY apply the Dawn around her mouth, nose, eyes, ears, vagina, & anus, to keep the fleas from running to their “safe places” when they feel the water.

        3.) I will be SURE (I’ve got a 3# Yorkie! It’s not gonna be hard for me.)to scrub not only her hair…scrub down to her SKIN. This DOESN’T have to be hard all of the time, you want it to be pleasurable, for both YOU, & your POOCH. Usually it helps to talk to them, in a calm, relaxing voice. IT MAY TAKE A FEW RINSE & REPEATS. You wanna do this, UNTIL YOU GET…..NO FLEAS WHEN RINSING THE SUDS OFF OF THE DOG!!

        4.) The next thing is to CONDITION. This helps not only their coat, it also helps calm their skin. While the conditioner sits, you can use a flea comb to comb the tangles, & dead fleas that are left out of there BEAUTIFUL fur. If a flea comb isn’t available, a baby comb, or regular comb, or even a pick…WHATEVER is available! Trust me, they don’t care!

        5.) Now that the dog has been treated, I’m gonna treat everything else.
        *Let’s throw her blankets, toys, and bed in the wash, HOT water, then DRYER FOR 30 MINUTES AT LEAST (this KILLS ANY EGGS THAT MAY BE ON THESE ITEMS)

        * I’m gonna spray her carriers (OUTSIDE) with an insecticide flea killer that my husband sprayed our yard with yesterday, & set it on the table on the deck, in the sun to dry. (It says on the label…that it’s safe for animals & humans once it’s dry).

        6.) Now, let’s VACUUM VACUUM VACUUM! I’ve only had her about 4 days, but today is the FIRST day I’ve been able to do ANYTHING about the fleas. It’s better to be SAFE than SORRY! You need to vacuum ANYWHERE the infested animal has been resting, the beds, your beds, the living room furniture, drapes…ANYTHING UPHOLSTERED, once finished vacuuming, DUMP the compartment into a bag OUTSIDE, -OR-if your cleaner has a bag, REMOVE YOUR BAG AT ONCE, PUT IT IN A PLASTIC BAG, & THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE!!! sweep, & mop.

        7.) Now it’s time for the SALT! I haven’t tried this, just read about it…but HEY! It was on the internet, EVERYTHING on the internet is TRUE! RIGHT? lol! ANYWAY… AFTER everything has been vacuumed REALLY good (I have a SHARK Vacuum Cleaner–does a GREAT JOB!). From what I’ve researched, you SPRINKLE TABLE SALT (the FINER the BETTER) through out your CARPETED AREA. LEAVE IT FOR 3 DAYS, vacuum, THROUGHLY, wait 3 DAYS, & SPRINKLE AGAIN, leave ANOTHER 3 days…& yep, you guessed it…vacuum AGAIN! The salt is suppose to ATTACH itself to the fleas, SCRATCH, DEHYDRATE, & BLEED the fleas, KILLING THEM…IDK, but hey! It’s worth a try, right?! It doesn’t take much, it’s NON-TOXIC, & it’s not gonna bother EITHER our FURRY FRIENDS or US!

        8.) Another thing I’m THINKING of trying is…Apple Cider Vinegar in their Water. They SAY, (idk) that you can put a little in there water to REPEL fleas. My concern about this is…My daughter’s 30# CAT is @ my house while she’s away @ college, I’m not SURE this is SAFE for him (although this MAY HELP HIM with a little WEIGHT LOSS, lol).

        9.) The next thing I WILL be doing is dropping about 5-10 drops of EACH, Lavender & Lemon Grass Oil on each of the Yorkie’s Bed’s. (I took 5 drops of each while outside, with the flea infested dog 2 days ago, put on a paper towel, & just rubbed the paper towel on her…OF COURSE, she TOOK OFF, running, rubbing, rolling, BUT…the MAJORITY of the fleas were GONE within 15 minutes!)

    • cgrave says:

      I tried it and my german sheppard almost died, she became lethargic, very ill moaning sounding like a person moaning and constantly moving and falling on the floor only to get up and move again. Apparently very sick…………. No more of those commercial cures for me.

  4. Magnanamous Dinoflagellate says:

    Whats in cloud nine essential oils that renders them non toxic?

    • wordwizardw says:

      They were never toxic in the first place, so why would they need to be “rendered” non-toxic? I am not 100% sure this is the same product I used years ago, but what I found on the web just now contains:
      Full strength concentrated blend of aromatic Tea Tree, Rosemary, Sage, Cedarwood, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Eucalyptus, Citronella and Pine Needle oils.

      • Bron Perna says:

        Tea Tree oil and, Eucalyptus oil are both very toxic if ingested, they are not considered toxic if applied to the skin, but using them an an animal which cleans itself by licking is not a good idea. Citrus and pine oils in particular can be toxic to cats, along with many other essential oils. They have a different metabolism to humans and other animals involving their liver. Just because something is non-toxic to humans does not mean it is also non toxic to animals.Please see this article about oils and cats>
        If you look at the caution list you’ll find many of the oils you mention in this list.
        This is not a good treatment to use on the cats, there are better mixtures which can be found on this site if you wish to use essential oils.

        • Wordwizard says:

          Thank you for the article, but it is clearly put out by someone who believes in Aromatherapy, which is woo, and so casts doubt on the credibility of the other info. As I mentioned before, I am not at all sure that this product is the same one I used years ago, but the one I used was formulated for cats and dogs, was considerably diluted for use, and it did my cats no harm. It was not even toxic to fleas, merely repellant.

          • Bron Perna says:

            Sorry you felt the reference was not credible, I merely used it as it conveniently listed all the oils which could be found independently and referenced as such which is time consuming For a better reference please see
            http://www.jle.com/e-docs/00/04/5F/8B/article.phtml from the European Journal of Dermatology.
            This shows quite categorically that many essential oils are toxic to animals and people. Effects can be cumulative so it is fortunate the dilution you used and the period you used it over caused your cats no harm. If you used a specially formulated treatment following the instructions, then it was prepared with accepted dilutions recognized as safe, unfortunately many people feel they are able to create these mixtures themselves and risk illness or death in their pets. Fact is many essential oils are very,very toxic, people and animals have been harmed or died from incorrect use, whether you are affected depends on the dilution, period of use and method of contact/ingestion. But they are by no means harmless and non-toxic.

      • Jo says:

        I agree they have killed many animals… people need to research those horrible chemicals vets and stores sell for fleas and ticks… so sad

  5. Magnanamous Dinoflagellate says:

    I wouldnt consider that non toxic..especially seeing which components from these arent specified..

    “Natural” people love making such claims on their products.

    • D. M. Stapp says:

      It’s me again, D. M. Stapp, I forgot to add this: Forgot to say this: Don’t forget Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) a couple friends said that product can be used in many situations of health and pest control, like Brewers Yeast the pest don’t like the stuff, Just Remember Do Not Feed Diatomaceous Earth to you pet, use it to rid of the fleas/ticks etc. Yep, it kills them. go to Diatomaceous Earth.com and follow the 4 steps listed on pest control in your home and on your pet – not in the house or on the property, not on your pets, or you and yours.

  6. Freke1 says:

    a tip to dog owners: silence the collar tag(s). must be annoying running around with something that goes kling, klang all day. just wrap them in plastic or something. just a tip.

    • Freke1 says:

      …and the flees can’t hear the dog is comming. maybe that will help?

    • Dani Johnson says:

      I’ve used hot glue to glue the rabies tag and the name tag together (facing opposite ways, of course). It lasts a few months before they release, then you just remove the bead of glue and do it again. I need to do that again…

  7. Carl says:

    @Erin: We had serious flea problems, with two (15 # each) dogs. Tried everything listed here with little to no success. Even tried all the (expensive) “spot treatments” that were advertised to last 30 days. We were lucky to have 10 days of success with them, and did not like applying or using them. As a frantic last resort, we tried Confortis (Rx required). Within hours, both dogs were flea free. We add it to the food once a month. Been using it successfully now for over 2 years, with no noticeable side effects. The dosage is technically based on the dog’s weight. We tried giving each dog 1/2 of the recommended dosage, and that’s been working just fine, in our case. By the way, Trifexis is used to prevent three conditions: fleas, heartworms, and intestinal worms. To me, that’s more medication than I care to use. Confortis is just for fleas, and is available by mail order, once your vet gives you the Rx. Also, it ended up being much cheaper (on a six month basis) than the “spot treatments” were.

    • Dani Johnson says:

      Looks like you and Erin are on the same page. I prefer Trifexis because I purchase heartworm medication for my dogs, anyway, and it is much cheaper to be combined (the price is almost cut in half). However, in the winter when the fleas are dormant we tend to purchase only heartworm medication (Interceptor) instead.

  8. turnerschick says:

    Steam cleaning really takes care of fleas.

  9. Anonymous says:

    What about food grade diatomaceous earth Has anyone here tried it ? It is supposed to work well used on there fur and bedding.

    • Anonymous says:

      It kills fleas because it’s a desiccant. I use it around the edges of carpets and other places where it’s hard to vacuum. It is very irritating to pets (and your) skin and respiratory system.

      • Dani Johnson says:

        I wonder if it would also be effective around the outside of the house to stop ants from getting in.

        • Wordwizard says:

          I have always found it effective to (I know it sounds cruel, but it’s sending a signal to the ant nest as a whole) worry the first one or two ants that scout around. Poke them about to get them to broadcast all the alarm chemicals you can until they’ve lost a few legs, then let them limp back to tell the rest, “Don’t go there!”

        • Lorraine says:

          yes it does but you have to reapply after rain. Make sure you don’t get it in your lungs or eyes. I use it to kill spiders too. Don’t apply to blooming clover or flowers, it will kill bees

    • Dani Johnson says:

      According to the National Pesticide Information Center (http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/degen.html), diatomaceous earth is simply the fossil remains of tiny, aquatic organisms called diatoms. It isn’t actually poisonous, but it kills insects by absorbing oils and fats from the cuticle of the exoskeleton. It usually comes in a powder form, and it is recommended that exposure be avoided because it will cause irritation. Even though exposure is irritating to bodily tissues, diatomaceous earth can be and actually is ingested by many people without harm. According to what I read, during digestion most of the diatomaceous earth actually passes right through the body, so very little is actually absorbed.

      I’ve never heard of this product, so I will do more research and purchase some on our next outing! Thank you!

      • Wordwizard says:

        I thought diatomaceous earth worked by scratching the exoskeleton, thus causing dehydration.

        • Moral Dolphin says:

          DE is used a lot for a lot of things..Diatoms are fantastic and would make the subject of a nature blog..even if a noire blog is wanted, diatoms in forensics..

          As to brewers yeast, I generate about a kilo of it every week. Excess just goes to the compost piles for the garden..

          Note, some wheat yeasts (for the brewers about to feed pooch) arent actually all yeasts. So if you are dumping your yeast cake to fido, consider that you are giving him/her a substitute. Same goes for your lambics.

      • Stephanie Hankins says:

        I have used DE for many years. IT WORKS! I live on 5 acres and have chickens as well. I put DE on my Australian Shepherds food every morning (about a heaping tblsp) I also put it on the chicken feed. When we dry beans from our garden DE goes in the jar as well, it will kill any parasites that are there and we all know they are there) I even put it on my dogs fur and rub it down onto his skin. Please be sure to purchase food grade DE. I by it by the 50 lb gags from a wholesale $30.00. The local pet stores and such ask a CRAZY price!!!!!! Try it you will like it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I use diatomaceous earth, the white/grey kind. For some reason, the one time I used the brown/red it didn’t work.
      I have not found it to be irritating to either my pets (both dogs and cats) or any of the humans in the home. It can used just like the borax method. Cover everything, kind rub it in, let sit for several hours, vacuum. You can also apply to pets directly, like one would a flea powder.
      I also put it on our furniture and mattresses and grind it in good, and never vacuum it out. Helps with dust mites, to prevent bed bugs, etc.

  10. Brewers Yeast is simply wonderful for skin and coat health, it helps with unwanted shedding in many pets

    • artinlight says:

      Going to give the Brewers yeast a try….I have TRIED everything but prescription…I have a dog that weighs around 140 he is a big dog and NOTHING works…I also don’t have a lot of money but going to suck it up if this doesn’t work and try the Confortis if this doesn’t work….has anyone used the new Collar treatments?

      • Violet says:

        Yes, my #50 dog uses the new 8-month collar. It works well. We do have a lot of fleas and ticks in the area. She has a thin, single coat with short hair, little shedding – but because her coat doesn’t protect her skin, she does get itchy. I thought I’d give Brewer’s yeast a try. Fish oil didn’t help noticeably.

      • Luann D says:

        I have been using the 8-month flea treatment collar, “Seresto”, since it first appeared on the market. I am giving it a 5 star recommendation. I have told my friends with cats and dogs, and they too are using it. Vets are now highly recommending it over the once monthly gel that is applied to the back of the dog’s neck area. It is a little pricey – $60 from the vet and slightly lower at pet stores – but I will pay it for the amazing results. Even at the height of the season, my little long haired dachshund is flea free, and believe me, I am a fanatic about checking.

        • Tina says:

          We bought the collars for both our dogs and they only worked for a month. We’ve been trying everything next is Trifectis in next week .

  11. dog lover says:

    I have given my dog brewers yeast every day for almost 2 years. I heard it was a bad year for fleas this year. I found 3 fleas on him and he was itchy for 4 or 5 days. He hasn’t had a major infestation since before the brewers yeast. I don’t do anything else special to prevent fleas. It appears to work for me and it worked on the family dog when I was a kid. I get the human brewers yeast because it’s much cheaper and all the dog brands contain garlic.

  12. @Moral Dolphin,
    Please, don’t throw away your brewers yeast!
    Years ago a fantasic Danish Skin Ca Specialist, Ole Henriksen, wrote a book,writing about Brewers Yeast as a facial mask for us ladies, mentioning the great results one can achieve with a weekly mask. If it’s that good ,he asked, then why not ingest it. Plainly spoken, it tastes awful.
    Well, I purchased the the flakes, juice 2 oranges every morning, add 3 tbs (started out with one TBS) of the Brewers Yeast, and within 3 weeks enjoyed beautiful skin, shining hair and great fingernails (they used to bt atrocious). Matter of fact I don’t even LIKE OJ without the brewers yeast anymore. I actually called Ole, asking if I could take more B.Y. He laughed and said NO! It also gives you more energy.

    I must say I purchase the yeast at an organic store in my neighborhood (about $10.00).
    Shatzy my little bichon frise mix gets 1/2 a teaspoon rolled in a piece of meat, and I just startet adding fresh extracted carrot juice to his diet – he actually eats it.

    For those who are interested: The book is called
    Ole Henriksen’s Seven Day Skin Care Program
    (the Scandinavian method for a radiant skin (1986) This is NOT an advertisement. Just thought of it, when I read that Moral Dolphin is throwing out the Brewers Yeast.
    Greets from Santa Monica

  13. linda Vaughan says:

    First I know what and infestation of fleas is like… I lived with them for many years in WNY at my moms house.
    From a puppy we gave our lab (Paul) a tablespoon of Brewers yeast and tablespoon oil, mixed into his dry food!!
    For 16 years that dog never had a flea on him!!! We’d take him in a house where a flea or two would jump on my leg and I’d have to pick it off me and squish it in half, but we’d leave that house go home and paul was allowed anywhere in our house and never once did we have fleas. We were very active outside camping with Paul and I never worried about fleas!!!
    Sorry, just telling you like it was!!

  14. Onlyme says:

    Two things that seemed to work for me, borax and diatmaceous earth. And the comments on Amazon say that brewers yeast worked for their pets. I just started using it on my cat and it has helped her a lot, her coat looks really good.

  15. Charles says:

    The AVMA found brewers yeast has no effect on fleas. How predictable. Things their members don’t profit from will always be slammed.

  16. cathy says:

    If you mix Dawn dish soap 1/4 to a full measuring cup of warm water, add 10 – 15 drops eucalyptus oil to the mixture. It knocks them completely out. As washing, Scrub hard enough that you don’t hurt the pet. Rinse & dry. Then hang towel out to get fleas out of houde. There. A few times and pest problem fixed.

  17. Linda says:

    I have had trouble with fleas as we have a variety of animals that stroll through the back yard
    at night. I take my dogs and use a mix of green alcohol and water to spray them and the fleas start bailing off the dog. They are also bathed in warm water and Epson salt every month, the salt relaxed them and fleas jump off of the dog into the water that also has some tea tree oil, just a teaspoon.
    Insects breathe through their sides so they are very sensitive to any irritating smell it disrupts their breathing. I have also used Tide detergent on the yard for fleas before a rain, I guess
    it is the borax that does them in but I use it sparingly right before a light rain and it will clear the yard.
    We use diatmaceous earth here for snails and slugs to keep them off vegetables and pet water dishes.
    However we also have resident possum who has been cleaning them up very nicely but he does drop fleas. My dog does not do well with squeeze on meds they have given her hives up and down her back.

  18. Jan O. says:

    One thing I have heard for years is apple cider vinegar for fleas , it’s cheap and you just put a tsp in their water, continuously as you refresh the water.
    The earth i have put around the house. then vacuum. The brewers yeast apparently does work. A friend worked for a vet. and he said a tsp with a little butter and the dog loves it. You don’ t have to put it in the food. . the cat roll in a alley ball size and shoved down their throat they love it as well. Do this everyday for a few days. Apparently the fleas will stoop re – producing.

    So I mix the brewers yeast in the butter ,put in a container and feed a little each day, the animals love it.

  19. Franky Shan says:

    fleas really obnoxious. a few years ago my dogs were attacked by two fleas. and I really feel hurt when i saw my dogs tired.

  20. Matt K says:

    I can testify that brewers yeast really works. My dog had been badly infected by fleas and ticks for over two years and I had no idea how they came. I tried many things except for any chemical-based treatments. One day I just decided to give it a try despite some negative opinions. I gave him two tablets each time (garlic flavored) at least an hour after his morning and evening meal. Within a few days of the regime there were no more fleas nor ticks!

  21. Donna says:

    I have 30 out side cats, I need something for them, they get deer fleas iin the winter. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  22. Sheery says:

    The park and other homes n my neborhood r infested with fleas. We have super hard time . My husband drinks beer most days snd is Never bit at All. The yeast is the reason. I hate beer Im eaten up all the time. I get rod of them but they always make it back n the house. Yes yeast feas hate it. We treat yard but nebors do not so it rains here they come. Thinking of downing the beer just so Im not eaten up all the time.

  23. Laurie says:

    i swear by brewers yeast. i have tried everything. my small dog and my 10 feral cats are finally flea free. dust the yard with borax and salt. a steam cleaner is great.(i have wood floors). i live in Florida and fleas are the worst.

  24. Chris says:

    All of my dogs over the last 30 years have been on Brewers yeast and garlic pills and we have NEVER had a flea problem. They do not get any other flea preventative.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      I give my cat nothing and she has no fleas. Maybe nothing repels fleas even better than brewer’s yeast.

  25. Chris says:

    A local rescue powders their cats with diatomaceous earth for fleas, check it out.

  26. Dee says:

    Thanks soooo much for all of your comments. They have been soooo helpful. I have a horrible flea problem; three cats and one small dog. I had hoped I might find some good advice. I have been surprised and educated. Thank you for helping us all.

  27. Nocredibility says:

    Due to the fact that you have no idea how the topical treatments actually work, your entire post has zero credibility. The “flea poison” does not “work by staying on the fur”. It is absorbed through the skin and stored in the glands. You are not supposed to get the medication on their fur and once it is dry, there is no transfer to other surfaces.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Jeez. Something gets misstated a little wrong and you dismiss the whole thing? Isn’t that throwing the baby out with the bathwater? And angrily?

    • Douglas Tisdale says:

      Nocredibility you are the one that is wrong. Anyone with a few minutes and a computer can research the way topical flea medications work. I’d advise you do that before you start trying to chastise someone.

    • Cindy says:

      Nocredibility is correct! The spot on treatments are absorbed int the animals skin and held in the fatty layer. The seller of this stuff want you to think that you put it on and it disappears into nothing.

    • Jo says:

      Poison for your pet too, do some research…

  28. Shannon says:

    We’ve been battling fleas on our long hair cat and our senior jack Russell for a good six weeks. Natural flea spray, flea shampoo and frontline have not done the trick. I read an article that said to bath them in head and shoulders shampoo as the acid in the shampoo will kill fleas. So today we gave it a shot and it has helped a lot. We’ve seen a couple live ones since the bath but I think they are from furniture, bedding etc. The fleas on my pets right after their baths….dead. I know I may have to bathe hem again as there will probably be more in the hatching process but I have hope that I’m getting the upper hand on these devil bugs

  29. Clara Stephens says:

    Don’t bout fleas but my springer has a skin problems he ran over the house itching so bad he would chew the hair off himself ball spots all over his back and legs I started him on brewers yeast the only thing I found to help he getting his hair back now seems to be getting better I give it to brewers yeast

  30. Douglas Tisdale says:

    You can order all of these prescription only items from an online site from Canada. The same exact medications, i.e. flea, heartworm, etc. without a prescription. I use Canada Vet Express but I think there are many of them. Saves a ton of money including vet fees on top of the other costs. Just thought I’d share my method of saving money.

  31. Joyce Erickson says:

    How much B 1 & or B 12 should a 10 lb dog ingest each day to release the odor that repels fleas??? I have one dog that is a flea magnet!!!One dog may have 5 fleas; the other may have any where from 20-100!!! They both eat the same food. I wash their bedding & have dusted the yard w/diatamaecious earth which dries out fleas & flea eggs & is non toxic. I do not believe in using poison!!! I’ve used herbal sprays but they must be re applied daily as does 50/50 Apple cider vinegar/water.

  32. Penewhite says:

    So what is it that you do to prevent fleas on your dogs ?

  33. Don O'Treply says:

    Having a flea infestation is stressful and miserable, but it’s important to make the best of a bad situation. I had a lot of fun making a flea trap using a nightlight and an upturned frisbee with soapy water in it. Leave the nightlight on at night with the frisbee underneath it, wake up in the morning and observe the death count. Fun!

    Also some of these comments are so braindead I think I actually became stupider from reading them. “Borax contains tiny shards of glass” … dropped on the head a lot were you?

    • Chrisoola says:

      I guess you are as rude as you are wrong!!! Borax does NOT have glass in it!!! It is used to make glass like items like Pyrex. I don’t think people would be washing their clothes with shards of glass, nor making projects with little children.

      • People Frustrate Me says:

        I think you just missed the entire point. Don was clearly saying that Borax does NOT contain glass and that anyone thinking it does has no idea what Borax actually is. I guess you are also as rude as you are unable to properly comprehend English.

  34. Johnseyi says:

    Please this brewers yeast how will I give my dog daily, is it one pill a day, two a day or four a day?

    • D balcita says:

      I give my puppies one half tsp of yeast and garlic powder with food in morning then afternoon I give them a bite of coconut oil and it’s for fleas and ticks

    • Pam says:

      The size of your dog if a small dog one a day but for the first week one in the morning and one at night to get it in their system if you have fleas. If larger breed 2 a day and mine have always just eaten them like they are a treat. And as like before if you have a flea issue already 2 in Morning and 2 at night for first week to get it in their system. Then just 2 a day for the rest of their life if larger dog. I had boxers and now an old English bulldog

  35. Michael says:

    I hate the idea of using pesticides, but all natural treatments many times don’t work, and when the do it may only be shot term. I really think that pesticides are the only way to go, and then add your natural treatments to add to it. We have to think bigger then the flea or tick. We need to look at what a flea can bring with it like parasites, that could infect you animal and you. I havent heard of parasites from fleas in my area, but if you want to talk about ticks, I can tell you how nasty Lyme disease is for humans and pets. There is no fool president proof cure for it, my dog had to be put to sleep because of the treatments that cure it didn’t. She was in so much pain and could not eat or drink. That’s with using a topical. We never saw a flea or tick in 15 years. So if you want to play games doing all natural treatments you may be at risk. I’m not saying topical are not toxic and don’t have side effects, but I’m saying weigh the risks. Many people here have Lyme, and there is no cure, once in the body it borrows into the cells, it looks like a corkscrew. I use natural treatments myself, but when it comes to ticks, it is all out warfarin.

  36. Rachel Vaughan says:

    Fleas don’t hate Brewers yeast but tucks do. Brewers yeast is not to repel fleas and everytime I tell a friend to use it against ticks, they just assume it will repel fleas. NO! It only repels ticks.

  37. Eddie martin says:

    Is there ANYTHING that will work to keep fleas away from your house and your dog ?
    I used Trifecta I think thats how you spell it.
    I stoped using it because there is a side affect
    That might cause your dog to get a stroke.
    I still give he oral medication for the Heartworm , but not for the flea and ticks. I need to give her something for the fleas !!
    She is my pride and joy !! She’s 8 years old but she looks like a puppy. She is a Chow Mix. I get her cut like a Poodle , just her mane and her tail are not closely shaved. So now I call her a choodle .

  38. Keri Verdelotti says:

    When I was younger, my older brother worked security for a college, the head of the department was involved with many local police departments and the DEA, my brother had a Rottweiler that the college offered to go through the DEA training, to help locate drugs on campus. This dog went through and passed with flying colors to find drugs and locate missing people, while in the program, the trainers recommended using Brewers Yeast pills to prevent fleas and ticks ( since he would be searching for missing persons in wooded areas and also doing alot of agility training outside) he started using the pills and so I also started my Rottweiler on them ( 1 pill per day mixed in with food), I know have a Boxer and a Pitbull who I also treat the same way, never once have any of these dogs had a flea on them! They ultimately produce a smell/taste that the insects do not find attractive. Other benefits are that their coats are shinier, less shedding and skin irritations. I highly recommend using Brewers Yeast for dogs (also heard it works w/cats). I purchase my pills at either “The Vitamin Shoppe” or “GNC”.
    I currently am using the Vitamin Shoppe brand, cost is about $10.00 for a bottle of 500 pills. Also, the nutritional values are: dairy free, soy free, nut free; 10 calories per pill; 1.2g Carbs; .07 fiber; 2g protein; 470mcg of Vit B1 and 160mcg of B2
    ( both are very good health benefits for dogs) 1170mcg of Niacin and Brewers Yeast is 3900mg. (No Garlic is included). I highly recommend these pills to everyone I know with pets and those who have used them say the same, they really work to repel insects, and the bonus of the health benefits. To anyone who reads this, I suggest you give them a try and see the benefits for yourself.

  39. I have 2 dogs constantly itching and chewing themselves until their sore I tried hot spot flea bay and recently apple cider vinegar I work a lot and feel bad for them I put cortisone and itch meds and it continues I even took them to vet and got shots Wat else can I try I don’t VB have a lot of money

    • Keri Verdelotti says:

      Keri Verdelotti says:
      February 14, 2018 at 9:04 am
      When I was younger, my older brother worked security for a college, the head of the department was involved with many local police departments and the DEA, my brother had a Rottweiler that the college offered to go through the DEA training, to help locate drugs on campus. This dog went through and passed with flying colors to find drugs and locate missing people, while in the program, the trainers recommended using Brewers Yeast pills to prevent fleas and ticks ( since he would be searching for missing persons in wooded areas and also doing alot of agility training outside) he started using the pills and so I also started my Rottweiler on them ( 1 pill per day mixed in with food), I know have a Boxer and a Pitbull who I also treat the same way, never once have any of these dogs had a flea on them! They ultimately produce a smell/taste that the insects do not find attractive. Other benefits are that their coats are shinier, less shedding and skin irritations. I highly recommend using Brewers Yeast for dogs (also heard it works w/cats). I purchase my pills at either “The Vitamin Shoppe” or “GNC”.
      I currently am using the Vitamin Shoppe brand, cost is about $10.00 for a bottle of 500 pills. Also, the nutritional values are: dairy free, soy free, nut free; 10 calories per pill; 1.2g Carbs; .07 fiber; 2g protein; 470mcg of Vit B1 and 160mcg of B2
      ( both are very good health benefits for dogs) 1170mcg of Niacin and Brewers Yeast is 3900mg. (No Garlic is included). I highly recommend these pills to everyone I know with pets and those who have used them say the same, they really work to repel insects, and the bonus of the health benefits. To anyone who reads this, I suggest you give them a try and see the benefits for yourself.


      • Pam says:

        I also heard about brewers yeast back around 2003 when I had a boxer. Then ended up being 2 boxers and so on. I gave my boxer 2 pills a day and my cats each one a day and never had a flea problem. My neighbors had a flea infestation to the point you could see them crawling all over their dogs I recommended Brewers yeast and they cleared up. Every animal I have had since I have always given Brewers yeast. I always recommend it to others as well. Only on rare occasions when I travel have I had to give my dog any type of chemical tick treatment because the place we went was infested and I’d rather be safe than sorry.

  40. G-Mac says:

    I was told that Nutritious yeast provided the same positive flea control on dogs as Brewer’s yeast does, except Nutritious yeast had better skin and hair results and provides more minerals and vitamins. Is this true? Also, is it 2 teaspoons for every 10#? I do know that either yeast can be purchased in bulk at the large grocery stores for MUCH less than the pills.

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