The Black Eyed Children

The internet is rife with paranormal reports, theories, or stories. We are all familiar with the common ones; UFOs, bigfoot, psychics, ghosts. The Black Eyed Children, or Black Eyed Kids (BEK) is one such story that recently came to my attention again.

What are Black Eyed Kids (BEKs)? According to the stories, they are children, usually young teen age or pre-teen (7-16 years of age) who mysteriously appear, often at night. They are pale, creepy in behavior, and, most notably, they have completely black eyes. Commonly, the kids will request entry into the home, usually asking for the telephone or something like that. Those who have encountered them describe bad feelings about the children who are refused entrance.

An article in the Examiner, by Barbara Schneider, offers this:

Black-eyed children have but one consistent request, invite us in. Whatever you do, don’t invite them into your home!

One wonders what would happen if the kids were invited in. All of the reports I’ve seen revolve around the person having the encounter not inviting them in. Perhaps the ones that did weren’t able to file the report?

She goes on to cite paranormal author David Weatherly:

Weatherly says there are thousands of reported sightings of these Black Eyed Children. Sometimes they travel in pairs, sometimes in groups and sometimes you’ll see just one. They knock on doors and tap on windows all over the world, asking to be let in.

Another article at the site Mysterious Universe, by Jason Offutt, relates a tale from Kerrie Kisner of an encounter with an unusual boy:

“I froze. His eyes were black as night, very dull, almost dead,” Kisner said. “The look he gave me has haunted me. The feeling I got from him was as though he wasn’t all there, almost ghostly.”

Mr Offutt also cites another experiencer who asserts that the BEKs are vampires. Indeed.

I first heard about BEKs sometime in the ‘90s. I’ve seen reports dating back to the late 1980’s, but they are not particularly credible. The reports I remember seeing back in the day played up more of an “alien” vibe, whereas many of these more recent reports seem to play up more of a “demon” or “undead” vibe.

Besides the creepy, black-eyed children, all the reports share another commonality; a complete lack of evidence. The BEK stories serve as a good example of the power of the urban legend. There is, I think, more than a bit of the idea of a cultural meme with the stories. The shared stories primes the imagination of the fantasy prone (or those who wish to pass off fiction as fact) to create experiences that follow the pattern of the BEK stories. This influence is also seen in UFO abduction reports where the description of the aliens converge to a common image, for example the grey aliens, only after the idea of the grey has been disseminated amongst the community.[1]

I did find this debunk , by Gus Muldoon Marlin Bressi. to be amusing. He theorizes that perhaps they are just normal kids with dialated pupils, or on drugs. Perhaps. I’m not even sure there is much of a phenomenon at all. I suspect that these stories have more of Slender Man (as a mostly artificial phenomenon which took on a life of its own) in them than anything else.

I wonder if the BEK stories started arising around the time of the goth movement, pale, odd, black eyes, nah.


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Husband, father, skeptic, technologist, motorcyclist, hunter, outdoors-man, and evil genius. I am formally trained in computer science, physics, mathematics, and emergency medicine (paramedic, former).
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  1. Anonymous says:

    What if you did invite them in? Isnt it hard to not help children?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t try to trick us, BEK.

    • TazMage says:

      Perhaps that is why they appear as children, and not as adults….hmmm?

    • Lily says:

      If someone did they might not have lived to report it

      • Black Eyes says:

        The one thing you might think about, I know when I was born. The Dr couldn’t tell people about me with out written permission. Its called doctor-patient confidentiality.

        • AgentZoom says:

          Also, Black Eyes, are you trying to tell us you’re a BEK? -_-

          • TheBlitz says:

            I think he’s trying to say he has a disorder that caused him to have black eyes. He’s also been on numerous other sites that talked about BEKs. I’m not sure if its a hoax or not considering that he sent me an email saying “do you know about UV lights” and then never responded to my other emails. There is a very small possibility that this would be a reasonable explanation.

          • AgentZoom says:

            TheBlitz, it’s not a disorder. There is no pigment or gene alteration for black eyes. Like I mention in my WAY, WAY, WAY below comment, you wouldn’t be able to see well if you had completely black eyes.

      • AgentZoom says:

        Lily, Lily, Lily…search “Black Eyed Kids” on Google and look at “Report From Someone Who Let Them In”. Even though they’re not real.

        • TheBlitz says:

          Actually I found a few stories of people letting them in and nothing happened. It also seems like that story is fake considering the story starts out like most creepy pastas and escalates like most stories. I also doubt a grown man would feel that frightened and run for his room without calling any other person or authority. If I was in his situation I would call the cops and stay in the house. Also note how they don’t try to stop him when he runs out the door and neither do they investigate.

  2. Susan Gerbic says:

    A new fad is to have tattoo ink inserted into your eyes. Removes all the white, and yes it is permanent. Or contact lens.

    • Anonymous says:

      Full eye contact lenses aee very expensive and very painful to wear, and eye tattoos, same. Children would have no way of achieving this

      • Anonymous says:

        goth kids trying to be cool might

        • DovaHexZombie says:

          Full cylaris lenses are at least $300 to $500 dollars plus just for A lens, it increases with any prescription also

          • AgentZoom says:

            Whoa, whoa, WHOA there, DovaHexZombie. Contacts, even sclera contacts, do NOT cost $300-$500. They’re maybe $50 at the most.

          • TheBlitz says:

            Yeah its a common myth spread by believers of the phenomena that the lenses cost that much. I have seen and got my own for about 40 dollars. I have only found a few that cost more than 100 dollars.

          • Simona says:

            This explains why 99.9% of sightings occur at night and, more particularly, on extremely dark moonless nights, most often in rural areas. If you want to see this perfectly natural pupillary response in action, all you have to do is sit in a completely dark room for an hour or two, stand in front of a mirror, and then quickly look at your eyes in a mirror after you flick on the lights. You might be surprised to discover that you are one of the “black-eyed children”!

      • AgentZoom says:

        Seriously? C’mon. Please. They’re not expensive at all.

        And what about ALL THOSE VIDEOS about putting in and removing contact lenses? Does it EVER say they’re painful?

      • AgentZoom says:

        Seriously? C’mon. Please.

        Contacts aren’t expensive at all. See a few replies down.

        And what about those tutorial videos on how to insert and remove sclera contact lenses? Those say NOTHING about them being painful at all. Lots of people wear them for Halloween, and nobody complains.

        Pluss iff u cud lurn tu spel and fix ur grammers i wud bileev u

      • Actually, many teens in our area use those contact lenses…in all colors including black and white.

    • Steve says:

      Any person twisted enough for the procedure you describe is far more scarey than a black eyed child.

  3. Freke1 says:

    Here are 3 short audios that is hard to believe but never the less is reality:
    experiment interference
    quantum entaglement:

    We all believe we see the world correctly, but think about this: we have 2 eyes, but we only see 1 image. We create the world in Our brain, so who knows what the “real” world is like?

    The point is that I’m sure “earthbound diehard” skeptics will explain the 3 audioclips away, even though they are clearly reality. There are many more unexplainable mysteries in this world like in the books/interviews: Hunt for the skinwalker or Missing 411 that needs explaining.

    Black eyed children sounds far off but so does experiment interference, quantum entanglement, precognition and the 96% dark matter + dark energy the universe consist of.

    • The two eye analogy and the first of your links are exactly why we have to be very scientific about it and not accept Uncle Ben’s anecdotal story for other than an anecdotal story – albeit, such a story may ignite further investigations, but NEVER a conclusion.

      A difference to your logic is that dark matter, quantum entanglement etc. are ways of explaining observations and theories sprung from these observations. The DAK are on the other hand observations first which have not yet been evidently observed!!! A conundrum really. So let’s start with some confirmed observations before we get all analytical

      Dark matter is definitely a fantastic concept, but none the less a logic concept in line with most current knowledge. DAK is nothing until some sort of evidence from something more than Uncle Ben’s evening tales.

      • PS: When I write DAK I mean Black Eyed Kids (BEK) – I apologize

      • jrheaslip says:

        Jon, the point the poster is making is that there are scientific facts and realities which are counterintuitive to our generally accepted world view, but they are realities, nonetheless.

        Is quantum entanglement based on traditional logic? How about the double slit experiment? Particles seemingly in multiple places at once…particles acting differently when observed directly vs indirectly…

        Most quantum mechanical principles defy what we think of as “logic”…so who is to say what “realistic” and “logical” even means on a metaphysical level.

        And how did quantum mechanics start? Curiosity…”our reality is made of “stuff”, let’s see how detailed we can get when we look at it.”. This curiosity lead to mind blowing discoveries which have changed the way we view and understand reality. So why can’t that same process be applied to “paranormal” phenomena?

        “Are there different, non-human types of beings out there? Could BEK’s represent a different kind of being?”…that question is just as valid as “What is the universe made of at the smallest level?”…and I assure you the former question will lead us to mind blowing and counterintuitive conclusions like Quantum mechanics did.

        • um………………………………….This is………….a complete myth! An urban myth, folklore, delusions, lies. Just because something is said lots of times by lots of people on the internet doesn’t make it true.

          • Somniay says:

            And just because YOU don’t believe it, doesn’t make it false. YOU don’t know if you haven’t seen it yourself but it still doesn’t make it a lie. It’s just up in the air until some sort of proof is made possible. Hell, we can’t see air, but you know it’s there and you know it when you feel it. Closed minds irritate me. Especially when they campaign to foist their sheltered ideas onto others.

      • Rog says:

        Are those the tails told while eating microwaved rice?

    • Eric Hall says:

      How are things like quantum entanglement, dark matter, etc “so far off?” If you asked me to show you examples of quantum entanglement, I can show you actual data/evidence. The experiment is repeatable. The idea of quantum entanglement comes from a mathematical model. It was predicted before it was observed. Dark matter is a name for matter we have not yet been able to create, but we can see its effects. One observation of dark matter doesn’t change dark matter – its gravitational effects are always present.

      Basically, what you are using is the “quantum” logical fallacy. Because an observation at the very small level changes the position/momentum of the particle being observed, that doesn’t mean our observation is what creates all reality.

      More generally, science is based on consensus. 99.9% of scientists would not disagree with the observations of quantum entanglement, dark matter, etc. Because many people using the scientific method have observed the data on these subjects, they have a nearly 100% probability of being true or correct. Black eyed children have no scientific basis, nor is there any consistent, scientific evidence for their existence. I don’t think if you asked a set of biologists if they believe in black eyed children, that they would say yes. So – lack of consensus, no evidence – very likely not true.

      Sure, no science proves something 100% true or not true – but it is the evidence and consensus that makes something more or less likely. A large number of anecdotes is not evidence or a consensus.Many people have looked for bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, etc – but the has been no scientific evidence and very few scientists believe they exist, so it is very likely they do not exist.

      • Exactly; any pursuit of knowledge starts with an odd observation, and evolves to anecdotal evidence before it escalates to the wonderful knowledge we keep expanding on… and if no evidence can be provided to support this odd observation it will simply never become anything above a trivial anecdote.

        So anecdotal evidence is indeed important (it is A to the Ω). In fact, it is the source of all knowledge, but also the source of all nonsense. And it is our damn duty to avoid the second pit.

        So, the difference in these points of views is how much one trusts the anecdote and this is up to the individual and thus this part is irrelevant to science. It can however still be very interesting and it can be the beginning a paradigm shift… but with no observations, and so called evidence, nothing will ever happen. Copernicus started a paradigm shift with his “crazy” ideas, but only after he had compiled strong evidence… and this is where the two points of view collide: You ask for this evidence or at least credible observations, before you even begin to speculate…. Freke1 does not! Dark energy, BEK or whatever is secondary!

        And, by the way, I provocatively disagree with the notion that science is never 100% right 🙂 It must certainly is: Because, it never says anything above what observations and logic can confirm. When contradicting observations arise then this knowledge is no longer 100%…. but until then it is. I know, this point of view as a potAto potato conversation but it makes science work – now and always. Copernicus was right, even though we now know he was terribly wrong – but much less wrong than those before him.. and so it continues, but never without observations and evidence (see my point Freke1?)

        • jrheaslip says:

          I suppose, by definition, science is 100% right…but scientists can often be wrong. Many scientists are pigeonholed by the very same characteristics that lead them to science in the first place. The very best scientists remember to keep an open mind. So many times scientists and perhaps conventional wisdom has labeled something “impossible” yet I am sure the “possibilities” and the nature of our reality are beyond our wildest dreams…

      • jrheaslip says:

        The “quantum logical fallacy” you mention above is one theory out of many to explain wave/particle duality and it is by no means universally accepted by serious and respected scientists. In fact, Experiments at CERN last year suggested that the physical interaction of measurement was NOT the cause of duality.

        Can you also explain how experiments at CERN have suggested quantum particles can travel/pre cognate forward and backwards in time?

        Your post suggests you have a better grasp of quantum mechanics than many of the top physicists in the world, since wave/particle duality still puzzles many of them, as does the nature of quantum entanglement, as does quantum tunneling etc…

        If you can explain the basis, underlying mechanism and overall implication of even ONE of these quantum phenomena you have a Nobel Prize coming your way very soon.

      • Somniay says:

        There was a time when scientific proof of DNA did not exist, either.. but it was there and it was real. When it’s discovery first came to light, skepticism was in abundance. People doubted its reality and ability to rely on or have confidence in its importance and even originality. Many law enforcements looked at DNA through the same skeptical eye as you and many others. Some even chalked it up to science fiction hocus pocus. Perhaps black eyed children are the product of too many sequels of “Paranormal Activity” being made and seen. Perhaps their is some reality to them. I don’t know and neither do any of you. Maybe, just maybe there is some sort of proof yet to be seen but still someday discovered. Just maybe…

    • Mike Weaver says:

      How do you know that the audio represents reality? That they are, in fact, unambiguously true?

      • Freke1 says:

        I must admit I assume they:
        Professor Bruce Lipton (PhD in developmental biology)
        Dr Bernard Haisch (Ph.D in Astronomy)
        Dr Rupert Sheldrake (Ph.D. in biochemistry)
        speak the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      It all comes down to this. what these people see are not there either lying or telling the these things can be proven to exist by telling if the people that tell these stories are lying or being truthfully with the stories they tell.

      • Amazed says:

        You can believe what you are saying is true, even if it is a falsehood. thus successfully trumping any detection test. So it isn’t quite so easy as all that.

  4. I would be OK with begging the Black Eyed Kids phenomenon off with the explanation that it is Goth kids messing around if there weren’t some unexplainable elements around their appearance.

    The first is their apparent ability to read what we are thinking and react to it before we act against them. Additionally several people have reported that they were starting to let them in almost involuntarily. Seems to me that they can get in your head.

    Additionally they have traits like showing up seemingly out of no where, especially in places they shouldn’t be and being unfazed by their surroundings such as extreme cold.

    I would like to say BEKs are a rational phenomenon, but I am not convinced they are.

  5. Freke1 says:

    You skeptic guys need more curiosity, go watch the first 13 min. of “I know what I saw”:
    and tell me what these people saw. Pretend it’s a BBC science program to reset You mind to neutral.

    • Central to doing good science means being willing to accept that your own perception does not always represent literal fact. Once you open your mind to more than the pop-culture paranormal explanation, you’ll find there’s a whole rich universe of real things to know and learn.

    • I saw your link and I have a precise answer to your question: They saw something unidentified! That is it!

      For all the possible explanations, not one can be concluded for sure. And form the top of my head, the most probable scenarios are not as sexy as those this production aimed for.

      But the production is indeed interesting.

  6. Freke1 says:

    I’m not trying to be rude or anything, so to make my point I’ll just say that I’ve probably watch/listened to approx.:
    100 hours of UFO videos
    2-4 interviews with Black Eyed Kids investigators/book writers
    4-6 interviews with Men In Black investigators/book writers
    20-40 interviews with alien abduction victims
    30 documetaries about pyramid building, Nascar lines, Tesla, free energy, spiritual healing, mysterious boom sounds etc. etc. and read maybe 10 books about mysteries (normal/paranormal) and still got 10 more on the shelf ready to read.
    I recently heard a 3 hour interview with the DNA expert doing the Bigfoot analysis (~100 samples).
    I’ve read Hunt for the Skinwalker where PhD scientists can’t solve these paranormal mysteries.
    I have no problem with skeptics debunking any of this (like You did with the Philadelphia experiment – great!) but I sometimes get the feeling that skeptics don’t even bother listening to even 1 interview about fx. Black Eyed Kids or Bigfoot. Maybe I’m wrong (wouldn’t be the first time). There is many great interviews on Youtube with scientists, investigators and witnesses and many great books. And of cause also many many fake UFO videos and wild ideas.
    Unless one bothers listening to/reading or watching about all these mysteries how can we ever know what happend.

    • I see your point but I think it is incorrect to consider us conflicting, because ALL knowledge comes from experiencing abnormal phenomena. And all knowledge starts with the odd tale of those you mention. Sometimes third hand tales and sometimes first person. However, next steps require more than merely anecdotal stories; next steps require some tangible and reliable evidence. Otherwise we end up wasting a lot on nonsense.

      It is great to hear you are such an avid researcher and with respect it is your duty to your call to start piling up evidence… and on many on those topics you mention there are simply none… yet. And I, for one, would LOVE to hear something like Big Foot to be real – unfortunately (and I write that sincerely) so far no credible evidence has been provided…. and it is not from lack of trying.

      In my opinion the Skeptiod episodes does not debunk, as you put it; they analyse subjects that have gained some extraordinary mainstream interests but not yet solid evidence – nothing more, nothing less. Episodes sometimes actually conclude that there are something odd that demands more attention… so I am not of a different opinion from you, I just aim my time and resources on those wonders of the universe that gives me a bit more than anecdotal tellings about kids who have black eyes…. this particular phenomena should be easily proved and therefore another reason why I lose my interests rather quickly (but that is just me).

      As a final note and as a response to you point: A sceptic who does not bother to listen to the anecdotal evidence is no sceptic and certainly no scientist, as all science starts here. But a researcher who does not ask the critical questions and employ the scientific method is simply irrelevant. So keep up you interests but be sceptical when analysing the evidence… if so, we are exactly alike.

    • Mike Weaver says:

      I do listen to the interviews and read a lot of the material.These are just stories, however. I can give a talk and assert anything I want. Does that make it true? The biggest impression I get out of the BEK material is that there is no evidence beyond stories. Do you know of any evidence beyond witnesses or shared tales?

    • Eric Hall says:

      So interviews of people who interviewed people who say they experienced BEK. Do any of them have police reports? 911 calls? Reports of kids being brought to emergency rooms with these symptoms?

      There is plenty of evidence that eyewitness reports are not very reliable. Even our own memories are mutable and our recollection of events changes over time. This is why the scientific process is so important, as well as a way to record data and a repeatable set of procedures. So to base the truth simply based on people having a recollection of what they saw is one of the poorest forms of evidence.

      • Freke1 says:

        Yet eyewitnesses can send us to jail, and You believe the scientist when they say the universe is 96% dark matter/energy without a shred of evidence (I do too). I think it’s all about who we trust. And most people can’t be bothered to trust an ordinary Joe when he says he saw a UFO, Bigfoot or black eyed kids, even though he risk ridicule and gain nothing.
        Yes research shows that eye witnesses are very unreliable, and as I mention in my first post we create the world in Our brains. If You want to read about what happens when scientists look into paranormal tales (from eyewitnesses) You can read Hunt for the Skinwalker.

        • Eyewitnesses are valued high in the legal system, but only if what they saw can be substantiated. In science it is not “who” we trust but which evidence we trust. The “who” is completely irrelevant! Data data data provides us a foundation to conclude and gain knowledge from… and data alone. A good strong dataset makes the bias of “we create the world in our brains” insignificant.

          But still, eyewitnesses are indeed valued in science (as I mention again and again above), but just like in the courts, they are not enough. Your analogy is sweet but incorrect.

          Since it seems we are going a bit in circles, I will ask you how you would like to learn about the phenomena of this world?

          I propose it like this:

          1: Observe the anomaly (like DEK), and ask the critical questions, why, when, where, how

          2: Collecting data, background research etc

          3: hypotheses formulations

          4: Testing this Hypothesis collection of data and experiments

          5: Draw a conclusion, which can be falsified

          6: Share it with you peers for scrutiny

          7: Lean

          It seems to me you are stuck on “1” and only the first part of “1!. But what provokes me and the reason I enter this dialog is because you are jumping directly from point 1 to point 5.

          PS: Dark matter is still up for debate as we have still to actually prove it, But, as a hypothesis it comes from well proven theories and is indeed a product of many many observations and testing. In other words this analogy is also incorrect.

          • Freke1 says:

            I’m just curious. I hope one day we will learn what black eyed kids “are” or what people are seeing, and I appreciate anyone bothering starting with “1: Observe the anomaly (like BEK), and ask the critical questions, why, when, where, how”.

            I think we all need to “update” Our image of reality, if photons and Our minds can tell the future, if we affect animals with Our mind, if people can tell if they are being stared at, if we only can interact with 4% of the universe, if there are over planets in Our galaxy and if scientists see portals in the sky, giant wolfs unaffected by bullets, poltergeist phenomena and colored orbs that kill dogs. All this is reality based on investigations and observations.
            In such a world I think UFO’s, Bigfoot and Black eyed kids could well be real. Couldn’t they?

        • Charlie says:

          You seem like a very smart person. I am very interested in this subject. I would you to recommend some books that would help fill me in on these subjects.

          • Freke1 says:

            I’m not smart, just curious. A lot of paranormal authors/investigators are interviewed on Dreamland shows. One can listen for free every week or subscribe (4$ a month I believe) to get the full interviews (and archived shows). That way You can decide if You want to buy the book(s). Linda M. Howe also has updates on strange boom, cattle mutilation, UFO’s etc. there.

            There was an interview with David Weatherly (who wrote the book “Black eyed children”) Friday May 4, 2012 at:

            There is also a free interview with David Weatherly to listen to/download here:

            To read about other paranormal stuff like portals in the sky, giant wolfs unaffected by bullets, poltergeist phenomena and colored orbs that kill dogs I would highly recommend “Hunt for the Skinwalker” by Colm A. Kelleher (PhD) and George Knapp.

            To read about UFO’s I would recommend:
            “Communion” by Whitley Strieber and
            “The Keepers” by Jim Sparks.

            To read about ghosts I would recommend:
            “Don’t call them ghosts” by Kathleen McConnell.

            I have bought but not yet read “Missing 411” by David Paulides. He gave some interesting interviews on Dreamland and Coast 2 Coast AM shows about strange disapperences in US national parcs. You can find one of the interviews on Youtube:

            So one way to follow the paranormal is to go to or and listen to/search for interviews about subjects of Your interest. You can then decide which books You want to buy.

            It’s all very strange stuff.

    • Bad Dog says:

      Funny , I too have seen many many many hours of ghost hunting and UFO chasing and Bigfoot videos and many many many more alike, I proved that none of the hours and hours of research I did of the above is real, their is no proof but speculations and nothing scientific to back any truth from the countless hours of research I have done… I debunked most every ghost video or tv series as hoaxed… and the ones that weren’t were explained with science…. I have no actual proof black eyed children exist, where are pictures of these kids…. cmon everyone has a camera on their cell phone and no one when they spot a black eyed child took a quick picture…. or a vid, my phone is always in my hand and one push of a button and I have video on….. So until you have proof beyond the realms of reality and I can not prove scientifically it is a hoax or a natural element then all this is , well nothing but fable… like a good ficton book you get at the library. Show me proof and not just a bunch of repeating stories from I witness accounts and show me the facts so I can tear it apart to find the truth I have to say this myth is busted….

      • Freke1 says:

        Don’t waste Your time on fake TV shows and Youtube videos, I don’t.
        There are people on this page who has seen Black eyed kids.
        After Whitley Strieber published “Communion” he got over 250.000 letters from people describing similar experiences. The US military pilots had orders to shoot down UFO’s. Dr. Melba Ketchum has finished a 5 year 100(+) Bigfoot sample DNA study. You don’t hear about these things in the evening TV news though. If I ever experienced a strange, scary as hell and uncomfortable paranormal event the last thing I would think was “now where did I put my camera phone?”

  7. Anna Newburg says:

    Thanks for giving us a mention on your blog post, although to be fair, Gus Muldoon is our fictitious webmaster (he handles all of our hate mail). The Journal of the Bizarre article about BEKs which you referenced to at the end of your post was written by our contributor Marlin Bressi.

    Terrific post, by the way!

  8. Richard West says:

    Watch out for the “brown eyed children”, too. They tend to have a “sh-t eating grin”, and appear to be very cycloptic. These brown eyed cyclopeans seem to ask for things such as, toilet paper, use of a bathroom or toilet, or pepto. Do not approach them, and certainly don’t touch them. When they appear, there tends to be a foul, stinky smell in the air.

  9. kneonknight says:

    This is the first I have ever heard of this, but it probably will not be the last. I just have to wonder why seemingly rational adults will immediately jump to a paranormal conclusion for this type of event when a simple explanation (that does not invoke an entirely different reality from the one we live in) is readily available.

    • Freke1 says:

      “…reality we live in…”? Heh, You are just like me, You haven’t seen any UFO’s, bigfoots or black eyed kids. Only You conclude that they then don’t exist. Probably without any research. Just like the catholic church declared the earth was the center of the universe because that’s what it looked like, and they didn’t bother investigating it.

      Here’s a fact about the reality we live in: You body can tell if the next picture on a computerscreen is a violent or emotion evoking picture 5 seconds before it is decided which picture is to be shown. The scientists provides us with this fact.

      Here’s another fact: Your brain sync’s audio, sense of touch, images from eyes etc. to create reality, discarding most of the info because Our brain’s “bandwidth” is tiny compared to the sensory input, and this takes time. About 0.5 sec. So we are always about 0.5 sec “after” reality. That’s why instinctive reactions are faster because the sync is skipped/shortened and that is why we jump before we hear the bang.

      We all think we know reality, especially if we close Our minds and stop wondering. Personally I’m very curious and hope someone solves these strange mechanisms in reality and also solves what is known as paranormal stuff. You know quantum particles can be connected across the universe, part of reality, but explain that please. Don’t say paranormal 😉

      • Mike Weaver says:

        Can you cite some references for the claim that “You body can tell if the next picture on a computerscreen is a violent or emotion evoking picture 5 seconds before it is decided which picture is to be shown. The scientists provides us with this fact.” ?


      • Eric Hall says:

        Again – you are confusing eyewitness testimony with observed evidence. The Catholic church continued stating the earth was the center of the universe in the face of EVIDENCE – meaning someone made an observation, calculation, etc – and other people could repeat it following those steps. I can tell you all I want that balls of different masses will fall at the same rate, but you can easily go and test that theory and get the same result.

        If there are truly BEK – then tell us the circumstances in which they are observed. Gather evidence. Repeat those circumstances. It is a little like saying a teapot orbits the sun – can you prove this teapot doesn’t exist? If you can’t disprove it, does it make it true?

        We know eyewitness testimony is very poor – so many factors go into how we remember events. These memories even change over time. You are basing all of your information on eyewitnesses, without any real data that can be examined or repeated.

        Could BEW exist? Sure. But the burden of proof is on those making the claim, not on those who have no basis for believing in such claim. If I claim I have the cure for all cancer, it is up to me to prove it, not on you to disprove me.

        • Freke1 says:

          Lots of things we know is true can’t be proven like that. If a buffalo mother told her little calf: “the indians hunt us” the calf can’t say: “prove it, or I don’t believe it”. The calf must rely on stories from eye witnesses (the herd). If the calf is a skeptic calf it will not believe that indians are hunting it and die quickly.

          I don’t think the “paranormal” stuff can ever be proven in a lab, there is a difference between balls, teapots and say some timetravelling black eyed kids (if that is what they are). What I believe is that there is too many credible eye witnesses to some of these strange events to not investigate it.

          How many eye witnesses would it take for a subject to be taken seriously? 5? 5000? 5.000.000? When I hear a female doctor describing a UFO encounter, or a martial art prison guard gets scared by 2 black eyed kids I listen. They are sane people and gain nothing. They are eye witnesses. They are like You and me.

          • Mike Weaver says:

            I don’t believe anyone has advocated not investigating BEKs. That said, if the investigation never gets beyond stories and anecdotes, then it will never get to the truth. Is there any more evidence of BEKs than stories and anecdotes?

            If there is anything to the paranormal, be them ghosts, monsters, demons, whatever, then it exists in this reality and can be tested and proven. If it cannot be tested, then I question if it exists.

          • Freke1 says:

            That’s excatly what the scientist tried at Skinwalker ranch. You should read it (“Hunt for the skinwalker”) to get an idea of the paranormal. It has very little to do with “skinwalkers” (whatever that is?).

  10. Stephen Sigmund says:

    I never even heard of such a thing as black eyed kids until I met one myself. If someone had told me a story about these kids before I had my experience I would have thought they were loony or just making it up to draw attention to themselves for some deluded purpose. I am sure all the stories we read about are not true, but some most certainly are, and that’s a fact. I have only told my story to a few people because it’s so hard to believe unless you actually experience it your self. It’s the same for people who have seen a ghost until you witness it yourself you never really believe. This is my story….Last February I was shopping at our local Big Lots store. I went to check out and as I was writing out a check a little girl who I would guess was 7 or 8 years old stood next to me in the check out line. She had a couple of items I recall one was a pair of pink socks with red hearts on them for valentines day and a small stuffed animal. As I was filling out my check the little girl was trying to talk to the clerk, who completely ignored her. I remember her saying how pretty her new socks were , but the check out girl continued to ignore her. I really felt sorry for this little girl for how she was being ignored by the clerk so looked down at the little girl and said how pretty her socks were. At that time she turned and looked at me, and it’s then that I noticed those eyes.I can’t even recall what she said to me, as my hair stood on end and I turned away and ignored her as the clerk had done. The eyes were not just black, but they reflected no light. It’s hard to explain because you can’t believe what your seeing. Its just complete darkness. Now I know most people are just going to write this off as crazy talk but I can assure you it is not. This is my story as best as I can tell it.

    • Freke1 says:

      Wow. I posted a link above with an interview with David Weatherly who wrote a book about them.

    • Brie says:

      I was walking around when I felt a huge wave fear washed over me. I looked o my right and I saw a boy that looked to be about my age. (14) He looked over at me and at first I thought he was kinda cute, then I saw his eyes. I thought they were contacts and I asked him about it and he got mad. He said to not talk about his eyes I said ok and turned to walk to my house and he said he has a question for me I ignored him to get to safety. He grabbedmy arm and said if I don’t listen I’ll be sorry. I turned aroundto hear him out and he said he needs to come to my house and call his mom. I said sure and took him with me. Once I got there and walked in side and got the phone. I walked outside and was releived to see that he was gone and my friend was there instead. She said that she was scared and with that she shoved me in my house and locked the doors and windows and then we went to sleep.

  11. doug1943 says:

    Dear God…. to steal a quote from Trotsky, ‘In the 21st Century … lives the 13th.”

  12. Stephen Sigmund says:

    Quote whomever you want, but seeing is believing……Stephen Sigmund.

    • taywesay says:

      I beleive you. I too, saw one. A young boy, may have even been 6-7 years old walking from the front of the doorway at a local gorcery store (about two weeks ago). He looked up at me as I passed by and his eyes were the darkest I have ever seen. The entire eyeball was a dull black. He had a blank stare and pale skin. There was call for snow flurries here, so yes, it was cold out. I remember feeling startled at first glance, like my heart jumped, not from the eyes, but from the look he gave me. I blinked and continued walking hurriedly, as he looked away. He was walking with a young woman. I did not see her face. His image plays over in my mind. I will not forget. No way that kid was wearing contacts.

      I initially got online today to try to look up any explanation for the eyes (thinking there was a medical explanation/deformity), and came across many articles from around the world about these kids. I saw what I saw, and felt what I felt, although not as fearful as others describe..whether science can explain it or not, doesn’t matter. This is not a normal human soul.

      I’m with you, seeing is believing.

      • Stephen Sigmund says:

        I am glad that someone else on this site has also witnessed what I have. Before my encounter I never even heard of such a thing as black eyed children. It’s heard to talk about because you loose credibility as people think your strange and live in some fantasy world. But the truth must be told and so I am not afraid to speak about this with whomever will listen. Thanks for telling your story as I can relate very much with what you experienced…. Steve.

      • Eric Hall says:

        Seeing is not believing – see

        • Stephen Sigmund says:

          You too will believe if you ever see one for yourself, this I am certain of. This is not a case of mistaken identity. When you see, then you too will believe.

          • Eric Hall says:

            Again, seeing is not believing. In fact, it is usually the reverse. It may be what you perceived, but the reality is likely different. Give me a theory…what would cause only children to develop eyes that are all black, have the ability to control the local atmosphere, and in some cases “control” the minds of others? What is the biological/chemical/physical process or processes taking place?

            As we often find, we see what we want to see or we take certain unrelated things and connect them in strange ways. People claim to see all kinds of things – bigfoot, ghosts, flying saucers, etc…but they do not have a basis in reality. That is why science is the process in which we would investigate these things…not just based on what someone saw.

        • Black Eyes says:

          Everybody’s eyes are black underneath. Plenty of people have been with less stuff. The question is why without sight, and the fear hurting oppression. Do people seem to sore threw the air. Doing things that people can’t believe. Is it our weakness to believe human is not strong enough. Our whole race to weak to brake threw to the side of unbelievable. I think were strong enough.

  13. doug1943 says:

    Absolutely. Those guys who pull rabbits out of hats are performing real magic!!! Materializing rabbits inside their hats…. just imagine that! And my uncle could make coins materialize behind my ear! Magic!!!

    • Freke1 says:

      check out some of the links I posted. Reality includes things that look like magic to us. Unexpained mysteries that scientists have to deal with but can’t understand. Maybe You should call them and tell them it’s… magic?

  14. I’m certain that supposed sightings
    black eyed children have something
    to do with psychosis or sleep paralysis.

    I’d like to hear more about the links between
    the brain, mental illness and so called paranormal

  15. Black eyes says:

    I was born with black eyes. I had no choice. When I was three I learned to hide them. It made a world of diffrence.
    Plus I was born blind. That I hide too. People dont ask and I dont tell them.
    I am alone though. Never met another. Sometimes it really hurts to be alone.
    Signed Black eyes in hiding
    Im at

    • Black Eyes says:

      The world is big, it is different. You got to learn, you got to try, you got to win. The world is big. The WORLD is YOU!

  16. J Polos says:

    I released a book about this family that went thru extreme paranormal attacks..One of the things that occurred was a family members face transformed into a completly pale grey/white color ,her eyes became solid jet black and her face was distorted.Two people watched this happen. Her case was demonic in nature.Not to long after this happened to her she died.To read more about what this family went thru .. the books name is Haunting in Big Bear Lake a true story.

  17. Anonymous says:

    r u kidding me? I got on this page because I thought this was some kind of real story about people with eye problems. This is ridiculous, stupid and moronic. I know my language is strong and offensive but it should be. You are adults, I truly can not believe that people seriously entertain this idea or the possibility of mind reading black eyed children. Could they exist? SURE. But they would never have telekinesis or super human abilities. If they did exist they would be totally normal with some kind of eye pigment problem. What is going on?!?!? I can’t believe adults accept this as a real possibility. I read ALL your posts because I couldn’t accept that these were real opinions, I was waiting for the point when someone broke character and revealed the joke but you all are serious. I’ll end there because I don’t know how to express stunned silence over the internet. Also, there is no need to reply to this post as I will not be returning to this page to read responses.

    • These encounters go well beyond just having black eyes. The intense emotions these beings project, their seemingly psychic abilities, and their appearing and disappearing seemingly at will are just a few of the non-normal traits that make these encounters paranormal. Check my post above for more info.

  18. Eric Hall says:

    By the way – my daughter has very dark brown eyes – in many lighting situations and in pictures they look black. If someone treated her in a store like she was some kind of demon because of her eyes – I would be pretty upset.

    • taywesay says:

      My daughter too has very dark brown eyes, however, she has a pupil, and iris and sclera/white of the eye. The eyes to which we are referring are solid black. There is in no way to mistake the eyes for dark brown. They do not shine, they are very dull and blank with no pupil, no sclera/white at all! Just a solid tar black marble is the best I can describe. There is no way to confuse the two. Trust me, in no way would I have believed the sightings either. But I do after seeing one.

  19. doug1943 says:

    It is always a pleasure, albeit a cruel one, to see the new, unexpected ways in which human gullibility can manifest itself.

    Surely someone has worked out a way to make a dollar out of this particular mutation in natural stupidity? A book, at least?

    If not, I’m going to get writing!

    Now, did you know that the first black-eyed child was reported just three days after the events at Roswell in 1948? No one realized the significance at the time, but …

  20. Eric Hall says:

    Again, I don’t get this comparison to dark matter and dark energy. It is simply a name for what we observe. We don’t know what it is, nor do we claim to know what it is. What we can see is the gravitational effects caused by dark matter. The only thing we know that can cause gravity is mass (G*m1*m2/r^2) – thus we call it matter. we call it dark because it isn’t visible (it doesn’t reflect or emit light) – but something must be there. However, scientists know there is gravity affecting matter we can see, so dark matter is the common name given. This is based on repeatable and re-observable data. I can write down the conditions and the locations to look for, and you could independently look for them and observe them and make similar measurements. For BEK, you can’t give me any data point which is repeatable or any conditions with which to recreate the phenomenon.

    FYI – I actually was able to recreate the BEK. As they often seem to appear in stores, here is a picture of my child in a store – no editing to this photo – and she looks like she has black eyes. Pretty easy because of the fluorescent lighting…

    • Stephen Sigmund says:

      Eric, I respect your opinion and I could see from your replies that you are a very intelligent person. But you will never prove the existence of everything by science. There is a supernatural world that we cannot put into a box and examine in a lab. You have a beautiful daughter with dark eyes, but this is not what I saw. The eyes I saw were just dull blackness with no white and no reflection of light. It’s really hard to explain because your mind can’t make sense of what your seeing. It’s like your looking right thru them into their dark soul. It’s a penetrating darkness. I know this doesn’t make sense until you actually witness it yourself. I was just as much a skeptic as you before my experience. That’s why I don’t expect you to believe me now. I hope that your time will come when you could say, now I see, that’s what they’re talking about.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I saw Bigfoot in the 700 level of Vet at an Eagles game once

  22. darkspanner says:

    If in fact they are real, which I have to say that I doubt (please note that I do not say that they do not or cannot exist), It seems to me that they would have to be one of two things:
    1. Kids with contact lenses (there is at least one company out there that makes weirdly-colored and -irised contacts; they were all the rage with the goth/darkwave bunch a few years ago).
    2. something as yet unexplainable, but still quantifiable in rational terms.

    I have always, since I was a small child, wanted to see a bigfoot, a UFO and several other cryptid-type things. None of them have ever manifested themselves in my presence in my fifty-one years of life. I therefore cannot say that I have any personal evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to corroborate their existence.

    I HAVE seen and experienced other phenomena which could be described as “paranormal,” so I cannot rule out bigfoot, UFOs or the other things that I have not seen or experienced as “nonexistent”; to do so would be hypocritical in the extreme, in my view.

    I have worked with children who do not have all-black eyeballs but do possess the ability to make the recipients of their attention and scrutiny feel as if they are getting inside the recipients’ heads and are somehow darkly empowered, so to speak; such uniquely-talented individuals do exist. Since I am not a psychiatric professional, I will refrain from using the usual clinical terms for such individuals (frankly, the terms confuse me and I can only remember the ones that everybody, usually erroneously, uses in common conversation).

    Pranksters abound in our culture. One only has to visit Youtube or watch AFV episodes to see ample evidence for that fact. It would therefore not surprise me to find that there is a trend among young pranksters to don the kind of lenses that I mentioned above and go around doing as described in the article.

    That’s my two point ninety-nine cents.

  23. I won’t say that I am 100% convinced, but there are enough stories from before this became an Internet sensation that it seems likely that something is going on.

  24. Eric Hall says:

    Sorry – but this had to go up – with all the talk of feeling things and people looking at you and such…

  25. Anna says:

    Have anyone ever thought it might be an eye disease which hasn’t been identified yet. Epilepsy was thought to be the work of the devil long ago, until along came LOGIC. I would always try to search every other explanation to make sense of any unusual thing that happens to me, it’s beyond me why most people won’t- they would immediately jump to b.s urban legends. Santa Clause is a myth after 2 years old, come on people.

  26. Zeeker Zan says:

    I let a BEK girl into my house when I was 8, and nothing bad happened to me except that my parents yelled at me. I was told to never let a stranger into the house ever again. If anyone wants to ask me questions my email is I believe it is a genetic defect or error. They are people not monsters.

  27. Bad Dog says:

    Most of these stories talk about the kids being out around dark, this explains a lot, there is a eye condition that children get at birth called “Aniridia” , look this up on google, It explains how we can have black eyed kids, its not as uncommon as people may think… it was a rare eye condition but has more and more cases each year so I think some is a hoax that people are dream weaving their way to making themselves popular on the web and some can be real cases of kids with Aniridia …. you decide… who is telling a far out story and who may have seen black eyed children and not know its a rare eye disease…

  28. remainunname says:

    I saw a show last night that had this story. It’s funny because I had a similar thing happen to me twice. This was not at all children. I was sitting in the library and a gentleman walk in. I give him about sixty. So I felt strange and decide to leave. So when I turn around while leaving the library I seen him follow me. When I look at him his eyes were black. His entire eyes. The other time is when I was shopping this time it was an elderly woman. Her eyes were black. It frighten me. I never been that close to it for it to ask me anything. So when I heard the story of the black eye children I knew there was some truth to what these people were saying. I am not sure if it’s a chemical gone wrong in the brain at that time or what actual it is but I understood. The gentleman walk into the library as a normal man.

  29. .... says:

    I have seen one but it was a baby girl she has completely black eyes so this is possible !!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Whether u believe it or not it’s still pretty creepy to hear about

  31. Anna says:

    lol so he was 60 huh how can an old woman and an elderly man be included as black eye children. that was funny…….

  32. Has anyone actually been harmed by these BEK’s? Also, do they smell really awful? Sometimes it is stated that they do. On the othe side of the coin, has anyone ever had a good experience with them? I have never heard of that happening but I only just started hearing about this.

  33. Braysgm says:

    I think I know who the black-eyed children are. My husband and I took a cruise down to Cozumel. The Ship docked at the island and we snorkeled all day. That night, there was a beautiful full moon over the bay and hubby and I took a very romantic horse and carriage ride around the bay to the plaza. When we got there, the plaza was full of tiny people. I got closer to some of them and looked at them and their tiny babies. They looked at me with undisguised dislike. In fact, both my husband and I were afraid of them. We got back into the carriage and went back to the ship instead of staying in the village plaza.
    The carriage driver was a regular Mexican gentleman and we asked him about the little people. He said they were “Indios Sublevados”. They are descendents of the Mayan’s and live on the mainland in villages. They still hunt and can be quite primitive. They are suspected of still practicising human sacrifice. Tourists have gone missing down there, and these folks are suspected to be involved. At first glance they look like children, but are fully grown. The men often wear black clothing and hoods.
    I remember my husband and I talking about how creepy they were and we both remembered that they had black eyes and no whites showed. They spoke their own Mayan tongue, but spoke a stilted English to shopkeepers and tourists. My guess is some of them have crossed the border into the U.S.A.. They may practice a version of the “old religion”. I think if you invite them in, you are the sacrifice.

  34. Anonymous says:

    They are demonic

  35. Anonymous says:

    They are possesed

  36. Bad Dog says:

    I try not to watch made for TV reality shows which I know are not real….. I meant the hours of research done by the government and science labs like you said there…. There is no DNA for bigfoot, none and for UFO’s the government did investigate and then revealed later after they stopped doing them is because they were looking for UFO’s but not from outerspace but from the USSR and Germnay, I wrote a long story about space travel and how it would take thousand of years to get to the closet star from here. There is no way we can leave our galaxy it would take thousands of lightyears to get there at the speed of light…. UFO,s would be seen by technology, we have thousands of satallites which orbit earth and none have seen anything but spacedust and little meteors which burn up before they hit earth….. there is no proof yet to date that aliens exist… they even done lie detector tests on thousands of people who claim they seen aliens and UFO’s and all failed the test as what they said was not the truth but deception… people want to believe they seen a ghost or a UFO and even bigfoot and on and oh even GOD for that matter, but until there is actual proof there is only what people want to believe, what people do see and what they say could be all mixed up. Another side of the story which has been debated over and over is the percent of people who actual did see and report, it is less that 1/10 of 1 percent of the people on this planet, you would think more people if these things were real would be more like 20 percent of the planets population seen a UFO then maybe just maybe there might need to be a investigation into what is going on here but since only a few thousand people its more likely just gibberish…. I have read more about how all this is not real than I have about what is being said, there are more government reports about UFO’s from outerspace are not real than reports of actual spaceships from another planet, their is such a thing as UFO’s but they all are from this planet… their is bigfoot prints and videos of people making these prints and walking in hairy costumes and even videos on how they make crop circles…. I have not seen one yet that shows black eyed people walking the planet asking to use your phone…. that sounds like a Steven King novel… LOL until I can actual see proof there is no need to debate if anything is supernatural going on because so far nothing has happened. As for people having their cellphone in hand, Youtube shows most people carry it and have it ready all the time capturing everything stupid little thing they can post. show me a black eyed kid who is captured by police in a cell and put them on the evening news I’m telling ya there is no such thing as Black Eyed Children stalking the planet looking for a phone to use…

  37. Juxly says:

    skeptics with a predisposition to being skeptic and denial. HA. destroying our imagination since the dawn of modern western civilization. Youll be happy one day

  38. bad dog does have kind of a point, people! why would such a supposed powerful entity? want to use what we all call a telephone, if they are such supposed powerful entities? why would they even ask to be using our supposed lame butt technology, like telephones? from those supposed powerful entities? views, wouldn’t our supposed lame butt technology, like telephones, be considered some lame butt technology, to these supposed powerful entities? why telephones? why would they be asking to use our telephones? if they are so powerful, wouldn’t they have other forms of technology, to communicate with? you would think that if they are so supposedly powerful, that they would be using other forms of technology, to supposedly communicate with? so yes, bad dog does have a point, people! also: why would they be knocking on doors, and not knocking doors in, if they are so powerful? if they are so powerful, then they probably would not need to be knocking on doors, but knocking doors in, people! maybe it’s like in the Spiderman movie? With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility, maybe? maybe they have to be polite? maybe they are told that they have to be polite, just like that line in the Spiderman movie: With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility, people? they could probably knock doors in, and un knock doors in both, with their supposed powers, if they wanted to! I mean, if they really wanted to, they probably have the supposed power, to knock doors in, and un knock doors in, if they really wanted to, people! and what kind of freaky entities are we as humans? just what kind of freaky entities are we as humans anyways? I think that there is a Universal Law that I have read about, that says that Universal Entities, cannot really say that they exist or don’t exist, or where they are from, if they are from anywhere or anyplace at all. I think that I might have read on those weird spiritual web sites, that there is a Universal Law that says: Universal Entities cannot really say that they do or don’t exist, or where they are from, if they are actually from anyplace or anywhere at all! like in that movie I Am Number Four? I think both bad and good sides, have to kind of hide their abilities? I think it’s kind of like in that: I Am Number Four? movie, is that both the good and bad sides, have to kind of hide their abilities? I don’t know why! I really don’t know why! maybe it’s kind of like someone or somebody who is a normal person, but society and the mental health care system, makes them into something that should be considered crazy? maybe it’s a lot like the mental health care system and our society, making normal people into something that should be considered crazy, maybe? somebody or someone. maybe it’s like being told to be submissive like in our world? maybe they are told to be submissive, like in our world too? it’s submission! it’s always about submission! they could probably kick our butts, if they wanted to! they could probably really kick our butts, if they really wanted too, people! also: why do we all, always have to hide our abilities, from others, even in our own life? why do we always feel like all of us even in our own world, feel like we have to hide our abilities from other people too? it’s not really free will! it just seems like free will, people! is not really free will at all! just seems like free will, people! and always feeling like we have to always dance around other people, even in our own life, when we don’t want to? why do all of us feel like we have to always dance around other people, even in our own world, when we really don’t want to dance around other people, even in our own world, or life?

  39. TheBlitz says:

    Well the biggest problem with the BEK phenomena is the logic of the alleged entities. First of all they have a very unique and creepy appearance according to the stories. If an actual malevolent being would want to harm you they would go in complete disguise as a kid, not just part way. This way the victim wouldn’t have a problem with letting the entity inside and the entity can do what they want with the victim without getting caught by neighbors.

    My second argument against the BEK phenomena is the fact that their “biggest cases” have been shown to be hoaxes. For example one famous one is the one set in England where a woman was being followed by two teenagers with the BEK appearance. This story could easily be considered as goth teens, but it turns out to be a hoax as in one part of the story she reaches for .pepper spray in her handbag as she nears the BEKs, but pepper spray is illegal in England. The other reason I think about half or a bit more of them are hoaxes is the fact that they are creepy pastas and many of the stories are repeated exactly like Slender man.

    My third argument is that many of the alleged stories can be explained by natural phenomena. I have seen that many stories are not BEKs coming to the house, but people seeing the BEKs at stores and the like. First off I think that these can be the easiest explained. All it requires is a fantasy prone personality.

    I also think that many of these stories are caused by pranksters. Many of you would dismiss this and say they are uncomfortable and too expensive for children and teens. But I found lenses for only 40 or 50 dollars instead of the huge numbers that believers in the phenomena use to dismiss this.

    Finally the big question is WHY??? As I said in my first paragraph sure it would be good for an evil entity to disguise as helpless children, but it is illogical that these entities would give such an obvious giveaway. another problem I have with the phenomena are the poor theories about it. Some say they are vampires which have always been a myth. Others state they’re demons, yet no evidence is provided for that and you would have to believe in a faith that has demons in order to believe in this. The alien hybrid hypothesis is also irrational because it is likely that the alleged aliens would be smart enough to get a better disguise than creepy children.

  40. AgentZoom says:

    You guys who believe in Black Eyed Kids are complete idiots. I can find SO much proof against it.

    a) Every story I’ve read about BEKs says they are kids. Lots of pictures I’ve seen of Black Eyed Beings are of ADULTS. And aren’t they supposed to have no personality? I’ve seen lots of photos of them smiling. If you smile, you have personality.

    b) More photos. Every one I’ve seen of BEKs are clearly made in a studio! There is a quite nice backdrop, perfect lighting, no blur, etc. And they’re all Sepia, Black-and-white, or styled in some weird way. And since they come out at night, wouldn’t the pictures be in some dark urban street?

    c) Anyone ever heard of…drumroll, please…CONTACTS?! TheBlitz is exactly right.

    d) “Let me in your car (or house, store, etc.).” Pffffff…and people who are terrified of them actually LET THEM IN?! And nobody ever says what they do to you if you actually DO let them in.

    e) Dun dah dah dah! Science time! Most, if not all, black-eyed animals don’t see well. If you had completely black eyes, you wouldn’t be able to see well. If BEKs could follow people for blocks and blocks, they wouldn’t have anywhere NEAR black eyes.

    f) Photos, photos, and more photos. What about those supposed BEKs with piercings? If they went to a piercing store, the piercing guy would NOT let them in. Plus, that’s fashion! If you like fashion, you have…PERSONALITY (see point a)!

    Well, that raps up my incomplete proof. Bye.

    • TheBlitz says:

      Also note that it is very similar to vampire/ reptilian stories. Its also similar to the old spirit demands entrances story. All its just the same thing under a new label. People used to say it was vampires or alien hybrids or whatever they like. Now some of them put it under BEK. Its the same stuff.

  41. AgentZoom says:

    It seems like TheBlitz and I are just stacking awesome info on top of each other. Good job, Blitz. *LOLFACE*

    • TheBlitz says:

      No problem, its always good to apply critical thinking and skepticism to all phenomena until proven, just because someone is passionate of their beliefs or stories and such doesn’t mean they’re right. Its like not every religion can be right when their gods conflict with each other even though their followers believe wholeheartedly they exist. But some things just aren’t true.

  42. AgentZoom says:

    What you say is true, and these BEKs cannot and will not be proven. Seriously, guys, I’m 13 and I can out-critical-think you!

    Is that a word?

  43. studio69inc says:

    I scoured the net, looking for a picture of a BEK, all I can find is photoshopped pictures of just eyes and they all are reflecting light, so can someone ask “hey dude can I take your picture” the next time they see one of these imaginary kids… I want to see a picture, a real picture, I have seen more bigfoot pictures that I have of any BEK, so someone be brave and use your new galaxy s4 phone and clique a picture or else….not sure what else but you want to be famous then do it… better yet shoot a video and be in it with them, then maybe just maybe I know somebody who can put you on national television and you will be a star…

  44. Bad Dog says:

    wow someone trying to look like me, wait it is me, how in the heck, must of been them children talking over the web as well… damn BEK’s anyway

  45. Bad Dog says:

    I scoured the net, looking for a picture of a BEK, all I can find is photoshopped pictures of just eyes and they all are reflecting light, so can someone ask “hey dude can I take your picture” the next time they see one of these imaginary kids… I want to see a picture, a real picture, I have seen more bigfoot pictures that I have of any BEK, so someone be brave and use your new galaxy s4 phone and clique a picture or else….not sure what else but you want to be famous then do it… better yet shoot a video and be in it with them, then maybe just maybe I know somebody who can put you on national television and you will be a star…

  46. AgentZoom says:

    The first and third Bad Dog/studio69inc comments are great. That’s almost exactly what I was trying to say, too. The second one…not so much.

  47. Anna says:

    People that believe in this rubbish have the worst English grammar ever!!!!!!!!!!
    Reading your made-up stories was like trying to staple my hand to a wall.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Maby they have seen the Supernatural show … their the demons have black eyes.

  49. An says:

    New Haven, KY
    St. Catherine’s Cemetary
    Kayla Marie Brown
    Located in the back of the Cemetary isolated from the other grave sites next to an old oak tree, you want proof you got it.

  50. Pablo says:

    Why not severely injure them to prove they are not demons or aliens! Show them humanity is strong race :/

  51. Jason Lewis says:

    Not the goth movement. The original Goth movement started up not long after punk. Well, it was an offshoot of punk. The Damned and Siouxie and the Banshees originated it. I kinda like the older Goth stuff like Sisters of Mercy and The Mission because it was just so dark and atmospheric with not a thrashy guitar in sight. So just because it was different to my usual stuff. Marilyn Manson just makes me want to punch him in the face. I think these BEKs are kinda dumb. Why don’t they just knock on the doors of paedophiles? Those mucky b*****ds would let the creepy lil s**ts in. Lol

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