Kickstarting a ghost hunt: The Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF Detector

Mr. Ghost EMF Detector

Mr. Ghost EMF Detector

It seems that there is nothing one cannot do with a modern smartphone. Now, with the Mr. Ghost attachment for the iPhone, you can hunt ghosts as well. Aaron Rasmussen has created a clever little attachment with software for iPhones to detect electromagnetic fields. Does it help find ghosts? Let’s take a look!

This little gem came to my attention via a number of articles on the internets. Be sure to check out the videos on the Kickstarter page here. I have to say, I am quite taken by this device and may well drop some coin on it. Mr. Rasmussen has done a good job with the technology of a portable EMF meter with some good work on the app.

His decision to hook in potential buyers via a connection with ghost hunting (Mr. Ghost? Subtle) is a bit regrettable, but understandable. Mr. Rasmussen is coy about whether or not the device will actually detect ghosts. His actual demo videos show him measuring the EMF around powered devices as one would expect.

I have often wondered why the ghost hunting community have decided, apparently collectively, to assert that ghosts either affect or generate measurable EMF such that EMF detectors can be used to find ghosts. I did a bit of nosing around to see if I could find out why.

The Ghost Hunting 101 page of the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance informs me that:

“We’ve found that the Sun, along with the Moon and the Earth’s geo-magnetic fields all help to create conditions that are favorable to encountering ghostly phenomena. Ghosts, being energy, feed off of other energy the way we drink from water when we’re thirsty. When an electrical storm, either from the Sun, or Earth bombards the atmosphere, we have conditions that are ideal for ghost hunters to find ghosts/spirits.”

So, maybe EMF is ghost food?

Apparently, I’m not the only one asking these questions, even the ghost hunters ask each other as to why EMF is used in ghost hunting. So, maybe ghosts are electromagnetic and that’s why EMF detectors are useful?

Still others have a different causal theory, perhaps the EM fields are causing us to see “ghosts”?

Perhaps, I don’t know for sure. I doubt that ghosts exist, mainly due to simple statistics (billions of humans have died, we should be tripping over the darn things). If they do, I see no good reason to expect them to have an EM presence. In any case, the Mr. Ghost gadget is still neat, if only so you can enjoy the EM fields around you more completely.

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6 Responses to Kickstarting a ghost hunt: The Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF Detector

  1. Andrew says:

    Why is it a regrettable decesion to hook in ghost hunters? It makes perfect sense to me.

    I don’t believe in the paranormal…but I assume Aaron wanted to make money off his app and the ghost hunting community is the logical market for an iPhone EMF detector.

  2. Mud says:

    If EMF attracts ghosts, why not just avoid looking behind your white goods?… I NEVER DUST!

    My light switches glow a slight green for an hour after switch off.. maybe my spurious posit that ghosts are all invent may have to be revisited.

    The ghost in the machine it appears.

  3. ruca says:

    The Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF Detector is real thing? cuz i dont want fake “The Mr. Ghost iPhone EMF Detector ” cuz i heard enough of “appaction” lookin for rador dector all tha types are not real thing equip but game they make a game make them think it real. thats why i asked if mrs ghost iphone emf decector is real epuipped thing? let me know

    • ruca says:

      im talk about downloading the application “Mr. Ghost iphone dectoctor is real thing? so i know it’s real cuz some poeople downloading other application were not real but fake smh thats why i asked.

    • Mike Weaver says:

      As far as I can tell it’s a “real” item in the sense that it is a real EMF detector with app. I don’t have one,so I can’t say for sure, but it is being sold as a real EMF detector/meter. It really isn’t that hard, it’s an antenna with some accessory circuits to convert the EMF to an audio signal which is fed into the microphone function of the headphone jack on the iPhone. The app takes that waveform and draws some pictures from it (graphs and such).

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