Your Brain Sucks …in Omaha

This weekend, in Omaha Nebraska, I will make your brain fail. Guaranteed.

As human beings, it’s natural for us to think that what we experience represents what actually happened. And, in broad general strokes, it usually does, pretty much. But in the details? No way. Relying on your personal experiences, it turns out, is a terrible way to learn about the way our universe truly works. And in this live show, I prove it to you.

At the Midwest Freethought Conference on August 3-5 2012 at the University of Nebraska, I’ll be giving my newest show “Your Brain Sucks!” as the opening keynote (Saturday morning). Tickets are still available.

One of the many reasons why so many smart people believe weird things is that our brains want to think anecdotally, and so they give us a skewed perception of our very own experiences. One of my jobs at Skeptoid is to convince people that they shouldn’t trust their own experiences for this very reason, which is almost always an uphill battle. Even you, my dear reader, place too much trust in your own perceptions of your own experiences. If you’d like to have it proven to you — hopefully in such a way that it embarrasses you in front of a large room full of people — don’t miss this show.

Hope to see you there!

If you’d like to have me give this talk in your area, see this page for information.

About Brian Dunning

Science writer Brian Dunning is the host and producer of Skeptoid.
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8 Responses to Your Brain Sucks …in Omaha

  1. I wish I could be there. When will you duplicate this in the New York area? I want to find out how much my brain sucks (and then misremember it afterwards).

  2. Matt Yearian says:

    “hopefully in such a way that it embarrasses you in front of a large room full of people” That sounds scary…

    Very excited to see the show and be able to meet you in person!

  3. Mud says:

    Brian, hopefully you catch the full moon.. Braibns make you think that is huge (due to lack of perspective)…Hand out drinking straws for ten bucks each as “moon size reduction”.

    What a great way to win small bets… the old supermoon through a drinking straw!

  4. Know anyone in Omaha? Tell them to go and just always enjoy Brian Dunning. Do it! You WILL enjoy Brian. If you have ever enjoyed me, or someone whom I have been near or glanced at, even for a second, then you must enjoy him right away. The enjoyment of Mr. Dunning is compulsory. It’s almost figuratively a no-brainer if you live in Nebraska and it turns out to be small. If you’re in a wee portion of Nebraska called Omaha then the figurativity of the no-brainyness is vastly tiny.

    At the Midwest Freethought Conference, August 3rd-5th, 2012, at the University of Nebraska, during the Saturday morning keynote address, he’ll literally demonstrate that your brain isn’t figuratively yours. What’s more, EVEN IF you’re figuratively in possesion of your own brain…just when you think he blew your mind…yeah, that’s right, it’s someone elses mind he will have just blown instead…for real!

    I know this personally because he has been blowing other peoples minds at live shows for years. I have neither never seen him live nor even ever listened to his podcasts in order to experience the sensation of a mind that isn’t been blown for (any part of), this very reason.

    Yet I know of Brian Dunning. Heard about him. He’s the man behind his own back at Don’t actually visit his site and read his stuff or listen to his podcasts. I am already not doing that for you, to avoid having our minds blown. You have just hurt myself in someone’s cortex. I now realize that I am completely out of your mind and that Mr. Dunning is more like others than he is like himself. If you are wrong i.e., e.g., you’re out of MY mind instead, then I’ll be the one onstage, NOT at his show “Your Brain Sucks,” at the 2012 MFC inside of a light bulb with a cornstalk.

    Now you’re thinking, “Aha, Brian is writing this to let me know tickets are still available” That’s falsley true, tickets are still available, just not on-line anymore. You have to get them on location, a bit early on the 4th, and I am not Brian who is typing this. The proof? I have no idea how to get tickets or how large and/or far away Omaha and/or Nebraska may be. But as a free-thinker I’m going to find out for myself with an on-line empircal investigation

    Enough about me, I’m thinking. Let me tell you about this Dunning character.

    He’s the kind of person who is scary-good at brainwashing peeps to think for themselves. Not “Peeps,” the baby-chicken-sugar-foam miracles Jesus ate to survive in a cave for three days before Easter #1 — THAT would be a real horror show. Never accept advice or packages of free-thinkingly brainwashed Peeps from Brian Dunning; or even yourself. Don’t even look at them. A quick whiff is okay. Use tongs, K?

    I…I am so sorry about that last paragraph. I’m not sorry about any of these paragraphs except for the one I shall not apologize for. I’ve previously (but not recently) apologized for prepositional phrasing errors but that was not the point of the only paragraph for which I asked for forgiveness. I could say you’d understand that I’ve recently been honing critical thinking skills and more frequently honoring intellectual honesty and some other shapes honesty often takes.

    See? Your brain does all kinds of things it never tells your mind about. Therefore, Mr. Brian Dunning, Your Brain Sucks!

    “Your Brain Sucks” during the opening keynote — Saturday, August 4th at the Midwest Freethought Conference, University of Nebraska, Omaha. Visit to not get tickets or the chicken/eggplant parmesan option. However we will be happy to have ordered you a sandwich from Jimmy John’s and to have sold you tickets there, at the conference. Sucky-Brains.

    Thanks for the terribly-written plug, Max! Once again, for the very first time, you don’t make a lick of sense. But it seems you put a lot of time and thought into it so I’ll leave you a few tickets at will-call.

  5. Joey Wichert says:

    Had the privilege of meeting Brian this evening at the reception for the Midwest Freethought Conference here in Omaha. I am kind of new in the “community” of skeptics and it meant a lot that Brian took the time to chat with me. Always suspected my brain sucked…anticipating finding out why :o)

  6. Mud says:

    Did you make it to his hot tub? I want to know if anyone makes it out..would be a great monster talk for a bath salt monster being one of our favorite skeptic casters..

    Oh he’s probably only a reptoid..

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